Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This entry is dedicated to all marathoners in Sundown Marathon.

Pasir Ris MRT Station

This is my first run in foreign country. 21km that is, taking it bit by bit, slow and steady. I'm really excited to join this race because 2 of ultra queens (kash and Haza) are going back to back to conquer 84km of gruelling pain, night humid, blistering mania, fatigue and mental shutdown running through the night from sundown to sunrise.
'Running against time' - to catch the shuttle bus

Nothing got to do with marathon but isn't it nice to have these..? I dont think there will be the bicycle left if we were in Malaysia..
crowded shuttle bus

Nothing much to report about the 21km, sometimes you have to let others to enjoy the run and for you being there is much more meaningful to them. Congratulation to all for your accomplishment!

No mans land...

shuttle bus - $1 = RM2.33..huhu..

The sky is the limit guys...

'The balloon of hope'- our source of light

Finishing Arch - still got time

beat the sunrise...

Night to be remembered
Hot chick - singaporeans are gorgeous!
hot chick no 2 - i told ya...
Ironman becoming ultra-man (red shirt - forgot to ask his name) and Zulhassan

wait the minute! Ahmad lamchanak is going for ultra? what is his time..anyone?

Going for 2nd Ultra - Mr Frank

Familiar Faces - (i knew this guy) and Dr Pui San (i think)

'Marathon Maniac' - Mr Mohan having a cuppa

Familar Face - anyone?

For ultra-marathoners especially Haza and Kash congratulations to both of you for being our inspiration, "Being slow doesn't matter, its your courage". I know there are faster marathoners out there who do not dare to take the 84km challenge, but why you?..

'Queens of My Heart' - Ultra Moms

Hilmi, Khairul, Haza and Kash

Alam shah - 2nd place in veteran category

Some of the chap ayam runners - and Mr Tey

Slow and steady - Haza and Kash

Chap ayam doing ultra

For Nik 'the ultra-marathoner' - even though pirating is not your intention but you managed to overcome the greatest fear and completing the 84km gruelling run wih a smile. (Well, screw the organizer, we recognizes your achievement). I heard that his shoes are failing on him at 60th km and running by his socks since then..whoaa..."My name is Nik and pain is my game". Here's a combo pictures of him...

"Man in a secret mission'

Pirating for a good cause

Little bit more...

Almost done....go nick...!!

Me, Ziff (or Ray Tang) and Zaki

Nadia (tolldoll), Yim, Dett, Zaki (Headless), Diket, Alwi and syah

Battling for 21KM (me, ziff and yim)

amsyah's Dream - the tarmac is hot!!

Not forgetting the Chap Ayam Runners Hilmi, Khairul, are battling against their fear whether they can make it or not and not going back home to their loved ones and said "honey, i failed". That so not going to happen, right guys? I knew they did it!!

At this moment, i know our fellow bloggers are busy editing their draft report for Sundown Marathon (including me), so watch out for their update soon - Kash, Haza, Yimster, Ziff or Ray Tang, diket, ian, Syah, Zaki,Nik, zulhassan..and more (search in the blog lah..).
Male ultra-marathoners i know - Hilmi, Khairul, Syekh, Tey, Zulhassan - congratulations, I heard that one of you DNF (did not finish) but hey, as i said it took one hell of courage just to sign up for it!. 

I know some of you cried in the middle when your body said "I just can't moved on anymore, please make it stop...!" but however, you pushed your body to the limit like your never dream of before...kilometre by kilometre....
and finally the tears of joy upon reaching the finishing line

For Full Marathoners especially to Nadia who i just met that night, she said the longest run she ever achieved was 13km but she managed to crank up her energy until the last drop to complete her first marathon. To her (or to some of us), finishing time doesn't really matters when you out there battling against your mind. With the help of Zaki who accompanied Nadia along the half way, that's what friends are for, we support each other.
Nadia was wearing the vibram (for barefoot) sadly at 15th Km, she's beginning to develop blisters all over her feet but she continues until finish and live to tell the story. It's a little encouragement for bloggers (ziff and rayzief)..going for full ay?

Other Full Marathoners-amsyah, Dett, Zaki, ian, sharafi and more (forgot their names) congratulations..Kacang aje betul tak guys...??..I read somewhere, they said "it is totally different between 21km and 42km"...its true, i've been there...and i know it's not easy...completing a marathon is like a dream for some of us..

For me, ziff, yimster and diket - the half marathoner, congratulations guys for completing the half marathon..(apa barang 21km..!!)..I really enjoyed this race because all of you. I had to run moderately at 6 minutes per km (to catch up with yim!)..so i still can make it to wish my fellow full marathoners good luck.

For ultra-marathoners "Haza and Kash" (Tango and Cash), Hilmi, Khairul, and other colleagues, remember this " Not all able to do what you'll just achieved", so be proud of it!!
I wanted to greet you at the finishing line but there seems no shuttle bus going there anymore..huhu....!!!

Congratulations everybody...nice to run and be there with you all!!!.

Next stop, Setia Eco Half Marathon...5th June 2010


  1. what a heartfelt entry, Ijam... and banyak gambar, best!

    by the way, the warm tarmac was cool! ntah apaapantah mimpi.

    eh tapi where's your report da?

  2. Amsyah : ni report la ni. I'm dedicating to you and others fellow marathoners. It's not about me. Tarmac tu panas gila, mcm mana kau boleh tidur aku pun tak tau la...kulit biawak ke apa..?

  3. Great photos.
    Too great that i can't help myself cilok-ing some of them. i hope u don't mind. thanks.

    Well done to you too!

  4. hahaha, Ray Tang, aku pun lupa nama mamat tu. Betul, it was not about our run but the others. It was an awesome experience with many frens around. Aku pun heran Syah tidur lena ajer atas tarmac.

  5. Good job ijam. Dah laju lah tuh ngan your HM. Liked the pics.

  6. Ijam, ko buat aku terasa tau. Aku pon tido lena sejam kat situ...huhu
    Great combination: report with photos...

  7. Nik : my pleasure nik..ada lagi tau ekceli..ha, ha..i dgn zaki bagai nak gila suruh kau touch timing chip tu..gelak besar aku..

    Yim : u lari laju gila...dah nak abis baru jumpa. if not with your knee injury, u tengah rileks makan karipap dah..ha, ha..

    Ziff : rileks la ray tang, kita jumpa Penang bridge full orait. Boleh tidur atas jalan pulak kali ni...

    Zaki : kau pun sama? ya..allah...tak takut kena molest ke..?..kita jumpa setia eco...

  8. beautiful singaporeans ... err... I mean report. It's always interesting to read your pictorial entry. glad that u had a good run yourself.

  9. ian : it takes time to download..huhu...
    good run yes Mr Ian? hey...what about 84km next year ..u and i?...before our knee getting old..ha, ha..

  10. ijam - no problemo. deal!....is the registration open yet? ... :) ... gila semangat nihh .... (sounds more like a kiasu that enthusiasm .... hehheh)

  11. Guy with Dr Pui San is Choi, www.seecube.blogspot.com.
    533 is Naidoo from Klang.

    Syah should have brought his bantal peluk!

    Nice report, thanks for the honor! Tango and Cash tu sapa?

  12. Haza : ooo..ye..now i remember him...seecube.
    Naido from Klang...mmm..ok..thanks...
    Tango and cash tu cerita lama la..slyvester stallone dgn kurt russel..cuba google...he..he..

  13. Awesome photos bro. Always awesome. Now I know the closest resemblences to Tango & Cash. Or should it be Starsky & Hatch? X)

    That Ray Tang guy, is also Ziff?! Wow! How did you it Ziff? XD

  14. Diket : ziff dah tukar nama jadi ray tang sbb recycle bib...ha, ha..
    ada org dah racun masuk ultra ni..mcm mana? gila ke tak gila ni..?

  15. Ijam, redah je. Bila lagi nak merasa hazab.

  16. congrats bro! patut amik byk lg gambaq2 hot chick sana.tu yang buat bedesup tu kn?kn? :)

  17. Haza : mmm..belum fikir lagi, got motivated by you, kash and nick..
    i remembered by reading in pui san's journey, she met with a guy performing an ultra with experience only one marathon...crazy huh?..

    Sun : singaporean cantik, malaysia pun apa kurangnya...bila nak join run?