Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Eager and feeling a little bit panic surrounded us as we arrived at johnsons & johnsons located in PJ. The initial briefing on how to get your first hand on this treasure hunt was held at an earlier date.

Being a novice treasure hunter, we can't expect much from this treasure hunt episode and considered to gain experience how to solve the clues (and how to cheat..ehem..)

First we have to 'dressed' our antique car with the group number sticker, lucky number '39' (we paid RM60-00 each = RM240-00 per team). An additional RM10-00 contributed by each member for the valuable petrol.

4 better than 1..

All line up..start your engine...ready to go

i'm photo hunting also...

bump with 'Run with me' blogger...thanks for posing

breakfast on the go..(Ju-navigator, Naza-worm eater, Mai-code breaker)

Fast forward, depart at 8.21am, clues are around SS2 area, kantoi 2 questions here.., proceed next to Desa Park city water front...kantoi another 2 questions here..(god damn it..!)..straight to challenge task no. 1, menara KL, climb up the stairs, at the top, had to use the binocular for the task : 'please spot me'...huhu....
The other 2 (Naza & Mai) were given photo hunt task at the ground level.

ooo...sampai tu memang sampai, tapi aku yg azab lebih...(kena panjat tangga..huhu..)

Finish. Got the 2nd clue sheet. Proceed to Jln Tengku Abd Rahman. One of the question, 'It's not quiet if you sleep in this hotel'..the answer...hotel 'bee seng = bising', got it?

we got it right!

Next, Jln ipoh, then segambut after that 2nd challenging task (not so challenging la)...kick the ball in the hole thing...we miss all 3 tries...(*&;^%!).

not a football fan...8 holes too many..confused

Proceed to next stop...paintball! at Sunway extreme park. We thought we are in the top list group, but we were wrong...there's a huge crowd waiting for their turn. 2 shooters waiting to tembak us while 2 members of the team must make their way to take the flag. Junaidi managed to take one flag (5 points)..hooraaayy...!

"meh i pasangkan vest kalis peluru ni kat u ye..., hati2 tau, good luck bang"

at the paintball waiting for our turn...Naza showing 'his pouch'.

Next, the pit stop diving in swimming pool. One person had to dive in and look at the picture at the bottom of the pool, memorized the colour & shape arrangement, resurfaced and instructed the rest of team member to re-arrange back the shape..huhu...it's hard when we have a time limit (5 minutes)..we got 11 mark (out of 21).

The final product..'how it's made'

After completion, we have to ran toward johnsons & johnsons (next door only) and surrendered our answer sheet (Ms Mai doing a sprint..!!). We finish at 3.22pm, 1 minute late for the 7 hours period qualifying time.

Last but not least, the fear factor!! Performed by Naza, his eyes were covered, he has to search for few marbles in an aquarium with 2 phyton snakes. Yikes!!..No sweat..got it. There's more, he had to transfer 80gm of  waggling LIVE WORMS BY his MOUTH from a weighing scale to another....eeewww....(no pictures lah..i already left that moment).

We did enjoy every moment of this race. Feeling tired, hungry & frustrated, we cant describe more of our feeling when we complete all the tasks and questions. We have less appetite to eat nasi goreng and few dishes (halal or not?) served by the organizer and keep on mumbling about what we had done.

answer presentation...

Will be back for more...

There will be another treasure hunt in July,


  1. gila kiasu taknak bagi orang lain komen..he he

    wah sempat ambik gambaq aweks lagi:)

  2. Pergh! Nampak best bro. Tapi part nak guna IQ tu aku letiih sikit :)

  3. haaha aparaa... kau ni nak kejar award ni bro? blog sendiri pun no 1

  4. Rayzeef dgn Syah : ni trick aku belajar masa treasure hunt hari tu...ha, ha...

    Diket : awek tu nampak best...

  5. Ijam, ko dapat tak treasure yang korang hunt hunt kan tu?

  6. Zaki : tak dapek...huhu....
    treasure yg paling berharga ialah dpt bawak anak2 pegi swimming je ptg tu...

  7. Apsal satu picture aweks ajer ko post. Mana yg lain...meh ler share dgn kawan-kawan huhuhuhu

  8. ziff : aku cover baik punya utk collection aku, kang takut korang rampas..ha, ha...
    good luck bro your first marathon this sunday...
    jadi jugak kau lari ye...
    ('yang baik itu datang dari Allah, yang buruk itu datang dari diri kita sendiri')

  9. hi blog-owner, may i curi one of these photos? i found me :) yeah, i'm in the hunt too, we got #19 :)


  10. Anonymous : curi je..free pun