Monday, September 14, 2015


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The lifespan of a battery will vary considerably with when it is activated, how it is used, how it is maintained and re-charged, temperature, and other factors.

In extreme cases, it can vary to extremes - we have seen automotive batteries killed in less than a year by severe overcharging. We have seen automotive batteries destroyed without ever being used in less than a year because they were left sitting in a hot garage without being charged.

There are so many variables, such as depth of discharge, maintenance, temperature, how often and how deep discharged, etc. that it is almost impossible to give a fixed number
- taken from the internet.

During my 5th car service in early September 2015, I did asked the technician on how is my battery condition. Is it still ok. The technician said that, it depends - sometimes the battery can go up to 2 years, sometimes they don't. However, he gave me a tip - whenever your car has a funny 'jerk' or abnormal sound during the ignition process, it may indicate you battery is almost out (and funny also they don't use a mechanical tool to test the battery performance...ceh).

2 weeks after the service, I did encounter the above scenario - the car having a little bit of difficulty to start when the key was turned on, but it still start. The next morning, the battery dies. My mileage during that time was 51,000km.

My 1.5 years Exora bold "maintenance free" car battery has finally succumbed to the high mileage and could not sustain the ageing.

The cost for a new maintenance free cost me about RM270-00 (don't care what brand la - it's an emergency).

In comparing with my former 5 year old Naza Ria, it has come to a point that the alternator need to be changed. So, pay attention for car user who has more than 5 years car.

I also discovered that there was a leakage of green colour coolant at the piping area link to the radiator.
Visit to the workshop found out that one of the piping hose has loosen up due to the heat. What they did was cutting the hose at the tip a bit and put it back on and sealed it with a special glue. cost me RM20 for the workmanship.

All I can say is that after 1.5 years driving Proton Exora Bold, without any major repair except periodic maintenance service every 10,000km, now it has embark on a journey that the benefit has been over and it will generate cost to repair for wear and tear parts. pocket..

Monday, May 18, 2015

Ultra Marathon - Route 68

Photo credit to Maui

Ultra Marathon - Route 68

Date : 10 May 2015
Start Time : 6.00am
Cut Off Time : 6.00pm – 12 hours
Venue : Dewan Orang Asli, Gombak
Route : Dewan Orang Asli to Bentong (34km) and Back
Route Course : Rolling Hills, Road Race

I’m pretty sure that I have 50-50 chances in completing this race. With the location from each checkpoint is between 4.5km to 6.5km apart, my estimation will be
40 minutes to 1 hour for each. The target goal estimated to complete this race within 10 hours....Well, I thought so.

Reminisce my inaugural 78km Putrajaya Ultramarathon back in 2014, which was a complete DNF (Did Not Finish) due to several reasons, my leg hurt (ankle), heatstroke and most
Despicable of all was about 50% of the route completed by walking. I stopped at 66km (15 hours) – which to me took a wise decision as I was unhappy with my performance.

Lesson learnt. This time I make sure that I have proper training and sufficient mileage per week (which I don’t as always). I tried to achieve 70 to 80 km accumulative mileage per week,
But failed and only satisfied with 50km or so ....if I’m lucky. Started training in April was not a smart move. However, I did include 30km heat training run, twice I think in April...huhu.

With a sheer determination to complete the race and also peer pressure as most of crazy running friends already completed several 100km road race and trail run, I felt I’m lagging behind.
But that feeling doesn’t really matters as based on my situation, I could not muster with the training regime (with assorted training plan theories).
Quoted from one of my running friend, En Daud Abdul Manan – “I can be there on the race day, but don’t have the time to train” (that for 40km distance and above).
Hence, Daud only concentrate on less training and easy achievable runs – 10km and 21km...he, he.. Perhaps I will follow suit.

My Nutrition, Plan, Gear

I will entirely depend on Hammer Products for Nutrition (replenish calories, energy, carbo that will get lost) :
1) Electrolytes – 1 pill for every 30 minutes x how many hours estimated for the whole run (2 per hour x 10 hours = 20 pills)
2) Perpetuem Solid – each 10km (6 in total)
3) Hammer Gel – 6 gels every 10km
4) Fluid – Plain water (my body will consume on plain water)

My plan – slow run all the way, prevent any injury, blister, cramp that would damper your performance

Gear – Fenix headlight, cap with flap, arm sleeve, compression tights, brooks shoe and...concentration

Optional – sunblock, cash money (it will come in handy to purchase food along the way)

 Please ignore the blank face

Race Day

I started slow run-walk strategy. At starting point I felt that I’m the last runner. No warm up nor stretching on pre-race – proved how lazy I was.

Still dark. 1st CP

I reached the U-turn point, 34km at Bentong Hot Springs. My legs are fine, no cramp, whatsoever. What I’m lack of was speed. I reached here almost 11.30am (cut off time here is 12.00 noon).

10km. Still clad in the safety vest and headlight

 Hello sunshine. 

With the popular landmark where every runners will take a selfie

A little bit more. Caption : "where is that U-turn"...arghh!!

Still not there yet. huhu 

Yay!!...just another 4km..wohoo!!

Yup...Reached here alright. Expecting some solid food - none.
Remind me to find the meaning of self sufficient more effectively next time.

Rested a while. 70% of the runners already made their u-turn – I’m still hanging there.
About 10 minutes, I started to continued my run.

 Right Back at cha...I'm starving, famish and dire need for food

This the point that I've been gently reminded of the cut-off time. Watchaa!! Got to go.
Seems like impossible to make it 4.5km in 35 minutes..oh well, here goes nothing.

Hey...I should be smiling coz I made it !! It is just another 16.5km to finish line. Come on!!

Below are photos taken by self dedicated  photographers, Thank you all :

 at early stage of the race. Mostly cloudy

 Photo credit to victor & Elaine
Mr Kevin with the umbrella, always give runners with word of encouragement. Thanks Mr Kevin

I just heard that the runners need to reach Genting Sempah check point at 3.00pm. The pressure is on! Reached there at 3.15pm. I’m allowed tocontinue with the race..YAY!!. From Genting Sempah it’s another 16.5km to the finish line. My leg started to caused unpleasant feeling – around the ankle (left foot).
I heard that all the runners behind me, estimated around 22 of them, has been disqualified.

3km to the finish line, it’s started to rain heavily. I just continued on. Finished the race in 12 hours 04 minutes...YAY!! Ok what...the distance is actually 69km (instead of 68km).


The race was the longest ultramarathon I’ve ever completed with dignity and pride – considering the cut off time at the specific checkpoints. I need to train more and pump more mileage in the bag on the next ultra race if I intend to do so.
Put in strength training work out on upper body.

The organizer was great in providing the endless flow of coke and 100 plus isotonic drink. For food – Banana, buns, tiger biscuit were being served.
It’s not enough for me. Scouring for Nasi Lemak seller along the route proven to be futile. Genting Sempah was within reach

Congratulations to all runners whether you complete or not, whoever you are. It’s not easy but thanking you for just being there, running.
Also thanks to all volunteers for their responsibilities, for being there to assist us with those cute smiles.