Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Endomondo - Tracking your Distance While Running with GPS Connection

How to track your kilometre while running.
The information below will teach you how to install a software (freeware) called Endomondo.
The program will use your handphone (with GPS) to track down where you are and inform you how far you have been running and your pace for each kilometre (or miles).

First, I give credit to ziff for this.

Step by step settings :

What do you need before Start  :
1) Handphone capable with GPS
2) PC with internet connection
3) Full Determination

Endomondo can be installed for selected phone running on windows mobile, symbian and android.

However, the below setting is meant for Windows Mobile phone. You may use these setting as a guide if you intend to install it other than windows mobile phone.
1. With your PC, Log on to, click download.

2. Please choose your handphone model

3. Please enter your handphone number : and click 'send'

4. You will received sms for the link : "Download Endomondo Tracker by following this link : ........"

5. Go to that link using your handphone.  Your handphone now will be connecting to the internet (local internet charges apply).
6. Wait until it finish downloading (took about less than 5 minutes).
7. After complete the downloading process, you must cancel your Handphone's internet connection (if not, the bill will be sky high)

8. Endomondo will try to install the application automatically into your handphone 

It is advisable to install it into your memory card and not your handphone's memory to safe on space.

9. once installed, search endomondo icon in your programs folder, touch/click it, it will launch endomondo.

10. If they ask you to sign in, you can either sign in by register at their website (its free) or just click 'ignore'.

It will start locating satellite signal

11. Once located, it will indicate 'GPS OK' at the bottom of the screen. Click 'start' to begin, and....RUN..!!

TIPS 1 : for symbian phone user (nokia), you will have the 'audio coach' which will inform your distance and your pace (NO voice for windows mobile user..huhu...)

TIPS 2  : change the setting - "options - settings - connectivity - please change to 'wifi only'". The current default is 'always on' meaning that whenever you launch endomondo, it will auto connect your phone to the internet (again, internet charges will apply).

TIPS 3 : Endomondo also  meant for other sports as well (cycling, roller skating, skiing, kayaking etc) you can 'select sport' at the setting menu.

For those who still in doubt, pm me...tq

Thanks again to Ziff for this.

See you at Sundown


  1. Salam. my son installed this on my nokia while he was back last weekend but for the life of me, i cant seem to figure out what to do with it (being extremely tech challenged LOL).

    Thx, at least this is a start :D

  2. Bagus2.. mmg tgh mencari2 info macam nih!!

  3. justiffa : now you can start running and monitoring distance, its great i tell ya..

    Ibuiklil : ha, tu member punya idea tu (ziff) bagus dpt idea tu..cuba tau, tak payah beli je...

  4. oh info bagus... first kena cari phone dulu hahahaha

  5. amsyah : kena mintak kat ziff, dia yg racun tu..

  6. most of black berry boleh. kalau tak boleh tu, ciplak punya la tu..sorry to hear about your father, hope he get well soon

  7. already downloaded to my Nokia E71..haven't test it yet! thanks Ijam and Ziff

  8. rayzeef : No sweat, jumpa di setia eco

  9. Ijam, tarak hal bro. Aku pun jumpa by chance bila nak cari freebie programme nak ganti Nokia Sports Tracker. Now aku nak cari arm pocket yg sesuai lah. Sakit pakai Adidas Arm poket aku sekarang kalau lari lama-lama

  10. ijam, your next is scklm, goldcoast...etc. can i have your email address? Do you want join Hat Yai Nature run(thailand) on 8/8/2010?