Monday, January 13, 2020

Bukit Apek - Bukit Saga to Lookout Point

Bukit Apek - Bukit Saga - Lookout Point

Hiking Summary 
7km (one way) in 2 hours 
14km return in 4 hours 30 min

Started at cheras hatamas - bukit apek
1.5km in 33 min

Bukit Apek to Bukit Saga
1.4km in 20 min

Bukit Saga to lookout point Junction
1.1km in 20 min

Lookout point junction to Lookout point
3.2km in 1 hour

Overall trail condition : dry
Overall trail difficulties : moderate hard (few killer hills on the way back)

The objective here is to get to Lookout point from Bukit Apek. For some of you who are not aware what is Lookout point all about, it was once a tourist attraction with fancy restaurant built near a steep slope of Bukit Ampang, Langat. With it's panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur Skyline, a view that worth dying for.

However, in 2012, the place was closed to public due to it's precarious location with unstable soil following a landslide.

Now, the buildings are left in ruins and abandoned.

Back to Reality - Hiking

We used Bukit Apek entrance from Bukit Hatamas. There is another entrance i.e via Awana Cheras which is inconvenience because of the need to walk around 500 meters from carpark to trail entrance, while from Bukit Hatamas, carpark to entrance is almost zero meter.

Here are the GPX file Source : 

GPX file : Suunto Movescount map
my rough estimation on the overall map

More and more cars were seen parked at the roadside over the years signalling that this entrance is a popular spot for leisure hikers.

GPS Coordinate of starting point : 3.092941, 101.765701

the entrance is few metres from the mercedez benz

tadaa.....the entrance, easy to spot, near and convenient

Getting ready with sufficient drinks and food supply are essential. Mine was 1 litre of plain water and 250ml of 100plus (isotonic drinks).

The hike was manageable if you're fit enough, but if you are not, you may still be able to reach the end point with waaaaayyy too much effort and tears.

There are few killers hills on the way back and you may want to save your precious energy at early stage of the hike.

The trail is a single trail with a lots of trail marker - don't worry, you can't get lost here.

started at 8.55am

Reached top of Bukit Apek in 33 minutes, 1.58km from start

Top of bukit apek

From top of Bukit Apek, there are 2 junctions, going straight will take you to station 5 and waterfall.
A little bit on your left is the trail to Bukit Saga - follow this trail. Just ask around.

Reached top of Bukit Saga - 1.4km in 20 min

Just continue straight

few hundred meters, you will reach this junction roundabout. Take left

about less than 100 meters, the beirut

go straight

 less than 200 meters, the lookout point signboard, please go down

3.47km from start in 59 minutes or so

700 meters later, you will reach at this junction

4.16km from start in 1 hour 11 minutes

There were hikers on the same mission with us

3.3km and 1 hour later, we saw this ruins in the jungle. Yay! we made it!

7.1km from start in 2 hours 12 minutes


Remember, going back is one hell of a challenge ya. Pack your gear and move on.
Good luck

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Broga, Gunung Tok Wan and Puncak 18

Take nothing but photo, leave nothing but footprint.

Bukit Broga located in Semenyih and is popular among weekend leisure hikers.
Every weekend (I repeat, every weekend) the parking area are filled with cars.
Hundred of hikers will climb their way through an easy to moderate trail difficulty.

GPS coordinate to Broga car park  : 2.938398, 101.901214

Unlike those days where the trail was a single trail and later developed from a multi-trail to more advance multi-multi stage trails. All the trails will lead you to the top, and some skipping few minor hills which was compulsory previously.

There are 4 hills divided into 4 sections, you might climb it all...haha, the 4th is the top.

The journey from bottom to Broga peak is approximately 1.7km, further up is Gunung Tok Wan another 3km and finally Puncak 18 (1.2 km more) which is the new chapter under Broga series.

Let's push your limit beyond Broga and headed to Gunung Tok Wan and Puncak 18 for an exciting new adventure (like dora the explorer)

Summary of Hike :
Parking to Broga Peak - 1.7km in 45 minutes or so
Trail condition : dry if it is not rain, slippery like hell when it rains a day before
Trail difficulty : easy to moderate, hard if it is slippery

Broga Peak to Gunung Tok Wan - 3km in 1 hour 30 minutes
Trail condition : dry
Trail difficulty : mostly easy, moderate hard at certain section, few inclination, be prepared

Gunung Tok Wan to Puncak 18 - 1.2km in 40 minutes or so
Trail condition : slippery when it rains or not....haha
Trail difficulty : not much of inclination, easy

Total journey : 5.9km in almost 3 hours (one way), 2 hours plus or so return with almost 12km total

Depending on which route you take, it will lead you to here

at the back of broga peak, please find this signboard leading to Gunung Tok Wan
Easy to spot. Just enter the trail 

1 hour plus later, you will reach the top of Gunung Tok Wan
The condition was misty on that day. 

This is the signboard of Gunung Tok Wan. 
The wooden makeshift chair was no longer there. 

From the Gunung Tok Wan Signboard, please look right.
This trail cannot escape from your view. Very easy to find. But no signboard lah.

1.2km later after few fall attempt, I made it to this open area. Also got no view or maybe there is but I dont know...haha.
Anyway, this is the end of the road.

It is also known as Bukit Hulu Beranang by some quarters, which I dont have a clue.

This is the opening area at the peak of Puncak 18, a flat, grassy open surface surrounded by not so tall trees. Why it is called puncak 18 remain unknown or I'm too lazy to google around, nevertheless, trail to puncak 18 was another trail to conquer and treat as one of your mild training.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

DEWAN BANDARAYA KUALA LUMPUR (DBKL) - How To Claim for Your Damage Car

Last may 2019, my car hit a steel fence while travelling along Jalan Kerinchi near KL gateway.
Apparently the steel fence had lost its grip from its axis and half of the fence is leaning towards the road lane.
As a result on the collision, my car suffered a deep dent at the fender and a long, deep scratch mark from the front part all the way to the back.
Adviced from a friend to try claiming the car damage from DBKL - as the area falls under dbkl jurisdiction and most of the amenities maintain by them.

The culprit - Hit this steel fence. 

Deep scratch mark all the way to the back

The sketch plan the road that I'm using, the accident spot and where i'm heading

I called dbkl, getting my call pass here and there, because i got to understand that certain case or scenario falls under different department.
I can't remember the exact dept i being directed to. I was adviced to submit the following documents to them ;

Before u proceed further, kindly take note that only the owner of the vehicle eligible to
Claim. If you are a second driver or in other word, your are driving but the vehicle is not yours, the owner is the one to sign documents and receiving the compensation.

1) a copy of the car grant (issued by jpj) bearing the owner's name
2) a copy of the car's road tax make sure it's still valid
3) a copy of owners ic
4) a copy of owners driving license (make sure valid)
5) original copy of traffic police report of accident (go and make a traffic police report)
6) a letter describing the whole accident and you are demanding compensation of some sort and the letter signed by the owner
7) a photo of your car with the number plate clearly visible (front of your car)
8) a photo of the damage area clearly visible
9) a photo of the object that you hit
10) a sketch plan using google map showing the road that you are using and the accident area
11) original quotation from the workshop at least 2 workshops for comparison

Make a copy of the whole document (if possible scan and save it as draft).
Then, send it to 14th Floor, Jabatan Kewangan, Menara DBKL, Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur.
Make sure you have their acknowledgement (please prepare it), keep this acknowledgement for safekeeping.
After 2 weeks, you may follow up the status of your case by calling them.

The approval letter from DBKL (actually from insurance company on behalf of DBKL)

After the case had been settled, DBKL will email to you insurance claim acceptance form that you need to sign and return back to them - either by replying their email or by hand.
In that form, it will state the successful amount that they award to you.

My case took from May to September to come into conclusion (4 months) and the demanded compensation was approved. And another 2 weeks for the amount to be credited into your bank account. The estimated cost for repair is almost RM2k and I got a full reimbursement.

Hope my experience able to shed some light to city dwellers who happened to experience the similar situation.

Friday, November 8, 2019


Bukit Paw
Distance : 9km plus (return)
Distance to Lake : almost 5km
Trail Difficulty  : Easy


We started at Kampung Kemensah, a placed called "Jinbara" - a river chalet 
(GPS coordinate 3.225441, 101.780952)

simplified map. Red arrow - from start to the lake. Yellow arrow - From lake to carpark

Park your car here at Teratak Angah - RM5. 
The entrance of trailhead is on the left of the photo, going upward.
The pathway leading up is a mixture of cement-gravel.

Its an open trail and also an ATV, motocross favorite route 

Reached 1st junction

2nd junction

still at 2nd junction, go to the right ya

from the 2nd junction

reach 3rd junction

Still at 3rd Junction - please turn according to the arrow

Follow the trail. This is an orchard

Please bring some dog food as a kind gesture to them

Plenty of local tree fruits

This is the shack

I would rather say that this shack is the unofficial peak of Bukit Paw as there is no signage of the peak nor Bukit Paw but the view is very nice here. 
You may find this shack location on the map

2.26km from start in 43 min to here

Go straight..

From the shack (foreground) just go straight, you will reach this fence. Just cross it.
Continue walking to the trail until you reach a fork junction.
You may find this fence location on the map

This is the fork junction. 2.84km from start. Around 580 meters from the shack

This is the fork junction. The lake is on the right trail.
Taking the left trail will lead you to other part of kemensah i.e kemensah height. It will also lead back to Teratak Angah.

continue on this trail until you reach a junction which is 910 meters from previous junction above.
Please turn left to the lake

I put up a signboard at this junction. Turn left is to the lake. Going straight is the exit.
If you're going to the lake, you need to turn back here to exit.

continue on another 590 meters, you will reach this fork junction.

Left or right is the same destination to the lake. Right path is the shortest.

Reached the lake in 750 meters from the junction

Met few MTB rider here

Lets climb back

Upon reaching back to the junction (to the lake) please turn left to exit. Just follow the trail path until you reach a shallow river.

This is the river. 6.81km from the start

There is also a makeshift hut

Walking further up around 360 meters you will reach this junction. This is important ! 

Take your right and climb up to exit.
The left trail - I dont know the destination, will explore at a later stage.

we emerged from this bushes. Please turn right following the arrow.
Turning on your left is unknown - yet to explore...

Still at the bushes...7.9km from start

You will notice this signboard on the way back. 

Continue until you reach this junction back. The green arrow is where you came from which will lead you to orchard and the shack.
The red arrow is where you are and where you will be headed i.e turn on your left.

Going down

Going down

Chair junction...please go straight

further 350 meters you will reach this junction

Please turn right.
(turning left will lead you to lubuk tedung and Pondok Repin)

Back at Car Park - Total distance 9.08km in 3 hours 30 minutes