Friday, June 25, 2010


10 minutes...all it takes..and success...!!!
Managed to collect the bib(s) - 2 bibs done 1 more to fuss...and so i thought....

Guys out there becareful if you want to take your bib tomorrow...there's a syndrome called "sorry mam, your name is here, but your bib is not"..

i repeat my self "DUDE, WHERE'S MY BIB?"

My friend's bib is missing!! It takes 25 minutes to check and finally they gave up and present to you the sad news....

"please come back tomorrow" - they will said to you...but..if there is no la amoi...
imagine if you collect tomorrow and then what would they say to you...NEXT YEAR..?

Tak percaya? tanya Daud (che)..he's facing the same ordeal...kesian...

let us enjoy the moment...

Efficient guy...(yesterday was a headache)

plenty of room to hurry

Still no one ah..?

Ha..there you the information counter or you can call it "Lost and NOT Found Counter"

unsatisfying runners standing...the big guy with spec..his about to burst...! it's true...!!

Well, good luck all fellow bloggers..wish you good luck...
Remember of :
1) kedai runcit Kash
2) Relentless forward motion
3) pokok taugeh
4) Ice Cream, nasi kandar, run
5) what else..?


  1. burpp! banyak makan masa lari nih!

  2. Bro, kau pergi sana pukul berapa nie?? Tu namanya langkah kanan.

    One more thing to remember..mulakan dengan bismillah and akhiri dengan alhamdulillah.

    C u bro on sunday

  3. amsyah : lari sambil carbo load, baru best..

    ziff : pukul 4 aku dah terpacak kat situ la, aku cari korang la nanti...
    P/s : tu dialog aku kau pakai tu...

  4. Arrhhh.. if they don't find my bib number tomorrow.. I'll pirate this event besar-besaran. Tak pedulik!

  5. Ijam.....mmg betul aku cilok kau punya dialog. Recycle kat dlm blog kau ni kira x langgar hak copyright kan...hehehehe

    C u bro!

  6. Nik : mesti ada punyalah...tapi kena tunggu la...tungguu...

    Ziff : belasah je la, yang penting..cendol, cendol, cendol....

  7. Sempoi. Nice to hear that you've got the bibs hassle-free. See you on Sunday and good luck.

  8. title tuh macam familiar jer tapi nasib baik tak sama equation ....
    you shld DECIDE not to support the same organiser as last year ... :)

  9. u know what...I went with some friends to collect our race kits and one of my friend's bib was also not there.
    apparently they haven't assigned every name to a number and they are waiting for the numbers to be printed and they will arrive tomorrow morning.
    or at least that's what the lady at the info counter says!!!

  10. tahniah, berjaya mendapatkan bib...ijam apa nombor bib tu, mana tau aku terlupa muka kau...he he