Sunday, February 26, 2012


Bangkok Floating Market- Amphawa

It's my first time in Bangkok and I'm here for a The North Face 100km (TNF) trail running event, held for the first time in Thailand. The event located at Samut Songkram, Amphawa, 2 hours journey from Bangkok Airport.
We have pre-booked online hotel reservation under Go Adventure Asia - the website literally connected with TNF event. It's not more than 2 kilometre from the race site.

In Malida Resort Hotel, there are two ways of transportations, by land and by river. We opt for river transportation as it's a little bit unusual for us. We requested the hotel staff to provide us with relevant info of the floating market, Mr Sam took us in a long tail boat journey of a lifetime to 'Amphawa Floating Market'.

Our resort surrounding...partly covered with a small canal

Mr Sam arranging the transportation - long tail boat...with a big engine and a very long pipe

There you go...! In 5 minutes the boat came

The boat had a little flower decoration - ritual thingy (just like in Bali)

Just to find a nice parking spot...a little bumpy there

Mr Sam still talking with the boat owner using at it's best

The boat cost from our resort to Amphawa floating market was 1,200 baht, its around RM120-00.
Not bad for half a day rental.

The sight seeing began. The journey took us about 30 minutes to the market.
Just sit back, relax and enjoy the house on the planks...
The life on the river banks, it's new experience for us..well for me especially.

One thing that being a setback in a boat is the front only can see cloud.

Taking a bath in a murky water...that how things goes here...

This guy is using pantene pro-V shampoo

The life on the power line

bad neighbor? get your house build here..

Side way view is the best way

It's a towing boat

no place to park your car?...get your house build here..

fishing is free here...

There was not even a cloud

Ahah...I see you going somewhere with those load

We're entering a much bigger and busy river...

A little bit rocky here...but we'll manage

We're here...first, lets make a river tour upstream till the end

Solid foundation is the key of continous civilization

Under bridge transaction

I can't zoom what there are selling, I hope it's something nice

I need to bring my zoom lens...what a regret...

It's not a wide kind of canal but sufficient

Is this picture belong here?...I guess so..

It's a grocery shop..I'm going there in a moment

Hey..I got a new waving friend...hi there...
The river somehow is not producing any foul'll make your dining experience a nice heaven.

Old folk

It's a non-smell murky water

Thai girls student with a similar hair style

An ongoing drama sequel shooting

The famous bridge

I wonder how strong the bridge is...

It's a deep fried 

What do you know...a bus alike ferrying to the other side

A first class riding experience

Smoking is not good my friend...,

It's the school bus again...they're gaining on us...

We have just landed on a small jetty nearby. Cant seem to find that photo.
The first thing I saw was this one..a firefly statue.

We are now on foot towards the floating market.

whole bunch of fruits

giant grill squid...the smell is too tempting

 grilled prawn...yummy

piggy bank

new country, new experience..asorted local delicacies

poultry boiled eggs

Fine hand craft

Simple way to make a living

Still on our way to that floating market

Local delicacies with a grim face

It's cheap...real cheap

a girl student helping her family 

Back from school

We are foot...the floating market

on top of the bridge..
it's a stairs fine dining.
the seller will provide a very small table like a stool 

river vendors

Do you have roti canai?

how fragile the wooden boats are...

the bridge from afar

Birthday mug...

Coconut ice cream

a little souvenir

high quality of artwork 

It's me with a bad hair day ...I blamed the boat riding to be the caused

along the floating market - side market

eating heaven...what we have here ....

Is that 'teh tarik?'..

It's a long can spend hours here...


mummy returns

It's a 'ju on' father ...with ju on watching..can you see?

leaving amphawa floating market at dawn

some of the night activity along the river ...but mostly it's dark

more light here...

Our eating restaurant...

the master chef thai..and his assistant..'s more or less our experience in Amphawa floating market...and the street vendors that comes with it.
I wish I could come here again...maybe I should try Damnoen Saduak floating market  next time.
I missed my family in Malaysia...just not too carried away with the excitement..


  1. The boat ride going to the race briefing site tu mmg unik lah, tidak terdapat di races lain. Aku pun nak pindah duk Amphawa lah hahahah

  2. deo : Keje oi keje...err..tolong betulkan fakta kat atas tu, kot2 aku silap..tq