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Comparison between travelling by flight (Air Asia) ,by Car and by Bus :

Mode 1 - Air Asia 
1) Flight Ticket - RM130-00 to RM200-00 (return) - Cheaper if book early
2) Taxi fare to KL Sentral : RM15 - RM30
3) Shuttle Bus from KL Sentral to LCCT - RM16-00 (return) or RM14-40 if you book  online
4) 1 hour flight (4 hours prior - wake up & travelling to LCCT)
Pros : short travel duration
Cons : expensive if travel with family, have to wake up early - arrghh!!

Mode 2 - Car - easy for family
1) Petrol Consumption about 350km = RM100 one way (700km = RM200-00 return)
2) 2 tolls RM40-00 and RM2.90 (i think) (RM86-00 return)
3) 4 hours journey
4) Singapore Auto Pass - 10 dollar
Pros : depart at your convenience, no obligation, Cheap
Cons : rely on GPS in singapore

Mode 3 - Bus - simple way for adult
1) RM60.00 - RM70.00 (one way)
2) 5 hours journey
3) Direct to Singapore (novena as one of the stop)

Pros : cheap, no hassle
Cons : long journey, need to ask the driver to stop for toilet break..ha, ha..

TRAVELLING TO SINGAPORE BY CAR - step by step walk through

What do you need before entering Singapore :
1) Passport
2) Disembarkation/Embarkation Card or 'White Card' (you can get it from any hotel in Johor) - fill in this card with the detail
Disembarkation/Embarkation Form (front view)

Fill in the details (back view)

3) Singapore Auto Pass card  - you may get it at the Plaza B (item number 9 below)

 singapore Auto Pass Card

4) Singapore Currency - at least $10 (to purchase the Auto Pass at Woodland Checkpoint)
5) Malaysian Touch & Go (when you entering back to Malaysia) - you can get it at any 7-11 or petrol station in Malaysia for RM15-00 (please top up)
At the Woodlands Malaysian Immigration Check Point: (normal condition 5 - 30 minutes)

1) Drive according to designated lane (just follow the crowd)  
2) The immigration just like a toll booth (there will be an officer to serve you)
3) The booth has a green arrow light (proceed) or Red Cross light (closed)
The booth

You may choose your lane

Friendly immigration officer

4) Get to one of this booth - handover your passport
5) (if you travel in groups, the officer will come out and check each person but you still sit firmly in your car)
6) Done with this, proceed to Singapore Immigration check point - handover your passport and Disembarkation/Embarkation Card
7) All ok, get your passport and the white card back (One section of the card will be kept by the immigration for record) - Please don't lose it!!
8) If you dont' have Singapore Auto Pass you have to proceed to plaza B - you have to follow the red line i.e 'items to declare' to get to Plaza B
(if you have it, please move forward to Car inspection check point - item no. 17 below)

PLAZA B - normal condition - 20 minutes
9) At Plaza B (ground floor level only)
10) just near where you park, there is one section for the purchase transaction will take place
11) inform the cute Singapore Immigration staff that you wanna purchase an Auto Pass Card
12) the officer then will record your licence plate into a tiny card and ask you to proceed with the purchase
13) At the same section, you have to fill in your details form - name, Identification card, address, car number, contact number...bla, bla..
14) Once completed, bring your completed form, you will be directed to the purchase section
15) Have to queue - get your 10 dollar to purchase the auto pass card - 6 dollar for the card - amount remain in the card - 4 dollar (please top up at 7-11 or petrol station in singapore)
16) get back to your car and proceed to the car inspection check point - just follow the crowd

CAR INSPECTION CHECK POINT - normal condition - 5 minutes
17) open your car boot to allow the officer to have a peek inside - normally it's ok - unless you have an elephant inside your car
18) Now you are a free man - entering singapore...wohoo!!
19) extra point - also purchase a parking ticket of 10 dollar for your parking convenience from any 7-11 or petrol kiosk

 parking ticket

20) From Singapore to Malaysia
21) *for Singapore registered vehicle, you have to fill up your petrol above half tank (500 dollar fine if you dont) - Singaporean is not allowed to purchase Petrol (ron95) in Malaysia
22) purchase a Touch and Go card with at least RM2.90 inside (the amount will be deducted when entering Malaysia)
23) proceed to woodlands Singapore immigration check point - handover your passport and Disembarkation/Embarkation card - they will keep this card
24) Insert your Auto Pass Card into the machine located just near the counter at the immigration booth (they will deduct a sum of amount for the ERP system - some sort of toll- when you travel in singapore, they will also deduct 5 dollar tax for entering singapore - to be safe, just remain 20 dollar in the card)
25) proceed to Malaysian Immigration check point - handover your passport
26) Almost done. You have to use your touch & go card to get through the barrier - RM2.90 deducted
27) You are free!! - welcome back to Malaysia

28) Please reward yourself with a heavy and cheaper meal at Stulang Laut food heaven (near the Zon complex).

ERP - electronic Road Pricing or electronic toll collecting system

AUTO PASS CARD  - It is a stored-value smart card for paying the VEP fees, toll charges and the ERP fees (if incurred). As your vehicle information is encoded in the card, it is non-transferable from vehicle to vehicle.It can also act as a CashCard for all CashCard transactions such as paying carparks that uses the CashCard system.

aiyoo...Sorry no photos lah..! Hope this guide helps..


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  5. heyyya this is a really good one !!! I have travelled to Singapore by all 3 modes.. paling murah mmg naik bus. but if you're travelling with your loved ONE, than can spend the 5 hours chatting and cathing up on old sweet times. haha..

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  7. No need to produce registration card and insurance cover note for msian vats to enyer singapore?

    1. At that time, no need. I think they still maintain the same practice