Thursday, March 1, 2012


Our family decided to spend the weekend at Kampung Kuantan, Kuala Selangor for their famous Fireflies (Kelip-Kelip) breeding ground. 

It is located 63km from Kuala Lumpur (from my house actually in Balakong).

 Taken by Amateur photographer

500m to go...

The ticket counter opens at 7.45 pm daily. The cost is RM40-00 for one boat and not per person, so, make your boat useful. With that ticket you will get 4 bottles of mineral water...yeay..!!

My family of 6 can't fit in 1 boat therefore, we were adviced by the staff to buy tickets for 2 boats...RM80-00 burnt!.
Nevermind, for the sake of my family and we don't know when we will be coming here again.

  You may read full detail here

The surrounding of the firefly has been commercialised mainly for tourism. People all around the globe (well, sort of) - a thousand miles came here to watch this amazing fenomenon.

Directional sign

Sundry shop!!!!

Welcome sign....It's actually a small jetty

More signage

Rest area...
Nearly there...

Low tide..soon it will be busy with activity

The jetty where we suppose to take the boat

A big 'No' sign

the plank will be at the same level with where we stand when the high tide comes. Scary on how deep the river is...

ice cream first...firefly later

Media room to get the message accross

More info

View from the Jetty

The boarding jetty

After purchasing the boat ticket, we need to queue for our turn. Then, we have to wear the life jacket which is mandatory.

The queue parlour

It doesn't fit!!...we need an engineer here...

Don't know what was that sign but I agree with ya...

amazing..! isn't it?

It’s a rowing boat, slow and steady paddling upstream of Selangor river. You will be fascinated with thousands of flickering light coming from the majestic firefiles, all in perfect sequence. Firefly turn their light on and off 3 times per second!. The boat moved closer to the Berembang tree, where the colony lives, mate, reproduce and die.

The whole journey took us  about 30 minutes back and forth. We were informed that the fireflies colony  lies15km along the river banks , live on Berembang trees, feeding on the tree sap.

There were 30 rowing boats operated here, its sufficient to cater the crowd.

The sanctuary closed at about 11.30pm to 12.00pm I think.

and sorry for no photos of firefly in action due to total darkness (and my cheap camera with only ISO 1600..wek..) to take photo ?


  1. Ya.......before u die

  2. hooiii...mane gambar kelip2...kencingggg

    1. ada kat atas tu ha...aku copy je..

  3. ok, hati2 naik sampan...dia goyang2 tu..

  4. masih ada banyak kelip-kelip ke???

    1. eh, banyak lagi belum pupus lagi. Boleh pegang tapi tak boleh picit je.