Friday, February 17, 2012


Let's us peek inside the so called prestigious new outlet in Johor bharu - Johor Premium Outlet (JPO)
Firstly, it's located in the middle of nowhere, near the highway (kulaijaya). However, with proper signboard, you may not lose your way.

It has an ample parking space without roof, so, make sure you don't park your vehicle at 1.00pm in the afternoon (like me)

JPO has been established on Dec 2011 and has attracted shop goers during it's glory days whereby you will notice people queuing at Coach store, just to buy a purse (it's a women thingy..)

Few of my friend also checked this place out but ended up without buying anything...ha, ha...

For me, JPO is truly a shopping heaven for branded items with a discounted price and it's not for me because I don't do shopping. The best thing about JPO is the food.

The rest of JPO outlets will be translate in photos. Thank you.



the writer...yippie!!

My sons-..huuraay...!! We hate shopping ...!

It's Me again..

It's Hot!
Really hot!

Thanks for watching..


  1. fuyohhh terrer lah Ijam lompat.. ehemm ehemm report TNF mana??

  2. weh kat JPO pun nak lompat ke? hahahaha... by the way, kedai polis tu ada jual pistol murah2 tak? boleh aku beli, nak bawak gi Samut Songkram thn depan.

  3. aini : saje tengah boring, melompat pun best, report tnf tengah tunggu upload gambar..bosan..sehari sikit2, sbb slow connection

    deo : tak payah samut songkram, philipino je tahun ni..

  4. Jauh nyer nak beli baju kurung kat Pink Jambu. Brand pilihan mase form 2...