Monday, May 10, 2010


Teamwork is essential during this practice run. I know it's hard running alone, your mp3 doesn't help much  for long run (you heard the same song a thousand times..)...kash

The bloggers done it again for a warm up session for 15km New Balance, Sundown marathon, Standard Chartered Marathon, (Sponge Bob Square Pants marathon also can...) at putrajaya on saturday night 8/5/2010.

Thanks you guys for such a memorable moment, thanks for the pain ( i love it!), the headache i got when i get up this morning..huhu...(little bit of drama there..but dont worry)...

Some opt for running until morning sampai pening, some of us 20km enough la..(me), some push to the limit..(kash)...some had to go to toilet after each loop..(ehem)..some of us eat kurma to run faster..(habis pulak tu, tak boleh tambah...)

At the entrance...susah oo ambil gambar pandang semacam je...

rayzief in action with the tatoo guy

The tattoo guy, zak111, rayzief and Yim..pump it up guys...

from left : nik, diket, nizam & det ...(in tights showdown...)

two guys in "tomoi" mode...wachaa...(nizam and ian)

i got a feeling, that tonight gonna be a good night...(1 female - kash can u spot me?)

supporters from heaven...i've got my quota need to run lah..- haza
also sharafi and imran in this photo

starting point

we had enough...

i brought something for you all...

ready for round 3? noooo....

am i sexy?...caught u yim ha, ha...

nizam...doing the superman thing

let me think, there's only one amoi i saw just now - dett

i try not to look at amsyah leg...- ian

I've been counting, i'm going for 30km plus tonight...believe me...- amsyah

crushio (i think) and nik



  1. Wah, gelapnya saya! Thanks for the pix. Tattoo guy was KA, very nice hardcore running fler!

  2. Lovely photos. Thank you Ijam. Nice meeting & running with you. This was one of the greatest LSD ever X)

  3. thanks for the pics! thanks Kash for the running vest. i think i will wear that for the upcoming NB 15km. kasi support skit lah. leh tompang skit for 84km sundown :)

  4. best best... meriah sungguh! lain kali bawak karipap etc... :D

  5. wah,sronot btoi tgk dewa-dewi training.konpem begegar POJ mlm tuh :)

  6. Hi Ijam

    A great nite for sure. Being the slowest runner would not take away the joyful of being there that nite. Next time boleh buat lagik :)

  7. I didn't know that u turned out to be a running papparazzi that nite .... :) ... great shots by a great camera, and oh ya a great cameraman too ... :)

  8. Ijam congrats on completing the LSD, i hide the shovels for next time..he he

    i did only 15km, just back from injury..

    bila nak buat lagi? next time kita buat pot luck lah...:-) yim already brought bananas that nite

  9. Kenapa I tak nampak crushio ek?

  10. Ijam, good laa following you.
    All: how to get the baju, eh? Sorry but I don't know this.. lights please!

  11. Ijam, good decision to tag along with you and Ray..
    Ray, looks like you and me are dead before he stops... shovels for you and me lah...

  12. Haza, Crushio started from picc not knowing we started from PoJ. We met him half way and he lead us throughout the LSD. Maklum la orang muda, kasik buat keje sikit X)

  13. sorry guys, i've been away for 2 days. Cuti2 malaysia.
    Haza : u tak gelap, malam tu yg gelap. Crushio tu bukan sebelah nik ke? kalau bukan, i silap org la tu..he, he.

    diket : jadi pirate jugak ke NB 15km? ha, ha..boleh join lain kali

    Yimster : u ran like a forest, run..

    Amsyah : ok jugak tu bawak karipap, sate, lemang ke...lapar la lepas lari

    Sun : join le next time..boleh pace dgn org yg power2 mcm nik, diket, amsyah, yimster, ian, ziff, zaki, rayzief...

    Ziff : slow runner takpe, asalkan dpt tiket pegi singapore murah...he, he..

    Zaki : lain kali kita lari lagi, lari slow2 utk long distance

    Thanks you'all for the comment...

  14. Rayzief : shovel sorok dulu. NB 15km la buat lsd.

    ian : my hobby besides running, photography. Like the candid moments..ha, offence ya..
    see you NB 15KM yes?