Thursday, April 29, 2010


Today, my car breakdown in the middle of federal highway (not really in the middle la...emergency lane) near the EPF. Want to know what's going on? read on..

Chronology of incident:
- At 5.51am woke up by the sound my handphone, my friend called me that he can't pick up parcel at Gdex (PJ) because his tyre was punctured.
- 6.30am depart from my house in Balakong, stop by at petronas for petrol (time ni la minyak nak abis..)
- 6.57am reached my kid's school in bangsar and then, straight to Gdex PJ (Old Town)
- 7.15am reached Gdex. Pick up the parcels 7 of them. One from Kuantan, big box, i wonder what's inside, in my mind i thought "mayat ke.."
- 7.20am after bundled up the items into my car, and just about i want drove off, I've noticed that my temperature had gone up (up to 'H' - high la tu...). I don't really know since when it's has gone up...huhu...
- searching for the life water support at the back, sadly, to my disappointment, the mineral water only left half a bottle (*&#mp;%@)
- 7.25am after thinking for a while and not panicking like some of my female friends ("macam mana nak buat ni, macam mana nak buat ni..."- panik!), i just drove off and prayed to god nothing worst could happened (baru nak ingat tuhan..)
 - 7.30am Disaster!! the temperature had gone up until my old car could not bare anymore. The engine making really funny noise when i pushed down the accelerator..huhu...
- stuck at emergency lane with my hazard light flashes. Try calling for back up, Mr A (bukan nama sebenar) did not pick up phone, calling for 5 times (tidur mati ka...?!), Mr B, more screwed than Mr A, Thanks to Mr C and Mr D, they responded to my SOS call.
- what is more important that the parcels should reach my office before 7am, the time now is 7.35am!!! As i expected, a call from office ("parcel belum sampai lagi la..."..i said "ye tahu, i ada masalah peribadi nikejap lagi sampai la tu ye..") can't blame them also.
- seconds later Mr C arrived with his awek pulak. i said how to carry the parcel, I asked him to ditch the girl (i meant send her first la..) He arrived 15 minutes later and could only bring few kotak only. Mr D is nowhere to be seen
- My poor baby was starting to feel uncomfortable because of the heat (merengek..) and so was my other son and wife. and yet, the help seems too far away...
- Finally, Mr D arrived with 3 bottles of  "holy" water..the time is 8.20am. My wife called her office, "Emergency Leave".
- the water works fine, but the radiator doesn't, the hose is leaking. No use. Have to send to workshop immediately.
 - Don't want to call tow truck, not to that extent. Can my car survive with the water that i just poured in? I can't drive now as the road is jammed, the temperature will up again.
- Wait until the jam subside, the time : 8.50am. The heat taking it's toll, my son is crying..
- 9.05am, get my car going hoping it will just hold on just a little bit longer
- Disaster no 2!! Office key is with me! The other 2 key persons are on leave today...%$#@!
- Had to wait for backup again, just to handover the key...(are you stress now?!!)
- 9.15am, back up came. give him the key. Done.
- 9.16am, the longest 5km in my life!! Driving my 'potentially at a breaking point' car to pantai dalam for life saver workshop. My car survived!! The temperature just rose a notch when i reached there. Phew..
- 10.30am reached the office

Moral of the story:
1) it's not always your fault, so blame others
2) Don't panic! at least not in front of somebody
3) Keep enough water in your car
4) Think positive, there are more people having difficult time than you do..

I let it all out today so i can enjoy my live and loving life-Haza Zain.


  1. Lahh ... such a string of unfortunate events rolled into one. Yang penting everything turned out ok in the end. Nah amik tips, jangan panik next time if your radiator hose leaks. Try to find the leak, if found use kain or something and try to bind it ketat2. It will hold for a while. If it's the radiator bocor, cannot help lah.

    It's dangerous to drive when your engine overheats, and for long periods. Your engine will seize and if that happens, you will need a big overhaul ... more kahching lah. Anyway, lesson learned for you bro. Now you can relax and undiwnd :)

  2. yimster : thanks bro for the tips. bila depart to borneo? tak sabar lah nak tengok gambr. we all here shall report about bomba run.

    Haza : Memang drama betul. Kalau jadi kat kita je, ok sikit le. Tapi involve anak bini, tertekan sikit. Anyway, I hope to snap your picture during ultra marathon. I nak sampai awal sikit.

  3. wow blogface baru lagi...not bad lah the new blogger template...

    alhamdulillah semua selamat...

  4. amsyah : godek2 blogger in draft tu, dpt pulak idea nak 3 column punya..belasah je la...