Thursday, April 22, 2010


The title is just to mislead myself. My wife sometimes (sometime..not always) sms me (sms not verbal) what do i eat for lunch. Today this is what i have for lunch.
My lunch break started at 12.20pm, reached my mother's home at about 12.30pm. Fetch my standard 3 son, send him to SK Bangsar about 3 km away. At 12.50pm back again to my favourite parking spot (mother's house).

Loitering at mamak stall while waiting for my other standard 1 (son) and standard 5 (daughter) back from school by bus.

warm barley carefully packed in a plastic tighten with rafia string (my drink for today)

My one and only motorbike key, (this is my 3rd duplicate copy) if i lose this one, pushing the motorbike all the way baby!!...

Normally my lunch is merely a sip of plain water or loitering at mamak stall for 20 minutes (with a cuppa of tea or milo) before my lunch is over..huhu..

Motorbike Petrol = RM3-00
Car Petrol = RM10-00
Drink = RM1-30
Lunch = NIL
Sweat and scorching sun = doesn't count
Watching my kids reach home/school safely = PRICELESS!!

Morale of the story :
1) Call your spouse to show them that you care
2) Cherish you mother's cook while she is still around (before it's too late)
3) Watch your kids frequently and make them happy (If they feel happy, you will be me)
4) Duplicate your god damn motorbike's key!


  1. anak dah 3 bro? fuh dasyat... macamana hang bagi masa buat LSD etc?

  2. Actually dah 4, yg sekolah 3, ada baby lagi sorang 7 bulan..sacrifice is necessary...tu la nak jadi runner yg power susah, dpt train hari ahad je..huhu..

  3. what? you have a standard 5 kid? you look so young!

  4. my mother forced me to get married at age 23...ha, ha...
    No, actually what do you call 'dah sampai jodoh'.. kot...