Monday, April 26, 2010


Arrived at Bidor about 5.45am after driving 1 and half hour from KL.

Quiet town with a landscape of old buildings. Bidor Half Marathon has been an annual event for the town folk. Organized by Bidor runners club.

Met with Running doc with her husband, trying to get the best of energy from Nasi Ayam (Chicken Rice) for this 21km run.

Me (with my Bad hair day) and Running doc & husband
The route mostly flat but 2 'physco' hills make the running even harder and it's quite difficult for me who only ate a red bean bun and 100 plus before the run..(no nasi ayam).

At Starting point I saw the Chap Ayam gang, fariz elias, Hilmi, Khairul, Alam shah, wan azmi, Sharafi, Azlan (elite), Ida, irina ramli (i think), suhailywaty ramli, robiyatul munawarah, ...just to name a few...
By the way, instead of using the digital timing clock, the bidor town folks used this analog round clock...

Running around the clock

I met with Yimster at 15km (he's fast!) running with camera and keep on snapping all the way (watch out for update in his blog). Very friendly, i think he was behind me just a split second, notice him at the medal collection area.

Run Wild, Run Free- Yimster
Finishing Arch  with a clear blue sky

With Mr Khairul from Chap Ayam runners- Down to earth guy.
He's going for 84km ultramarathon in Singapore!! err...can i have that nasi lemak?

With Alam Shah from Chap Ayam runners-2nd place in Senior Veteran

'Man in tights, down with side-stitch injury-wan azmi from Chap Ayam runners

My Kodak moment

My Canon moment

Proud. My lucky 65

For me the run was fun...met with a lot of friends...bloggers...and my strategy for this run  : 'start slow, maintain your pace and finish strong'..well.., not strong enough...

The GPS Thingy - 2 hrs 2 min.  - 21.30km

Next run : bomba run..i think...


  1. congrats bro! amik gambar byk pon timing mantop gak! terbaekk!!

  2. takde banyak mcm yimster tu.., sebelum dan selepas lari je,...semasa lari tu...tak sanggup..anyway, thanks for your comment...

  3. good timing there... Bomba 45mins ka?

  4. ha, baru boleh komen. semmalam apsal ntah kotak leave your comment nih jem.
    Congrats! Laju betul!
    Good luck for larian bomba!

  5. Amsyah : jgn mcm tu..i lari tak berapa laju, nasib2 je hari tu tak cramp kat perut. Kalau tak, hancuss jugak. Bomba run, banyak bukit. takdenye nak 45 minit

    Rusfarizal : takde laju le, itupun kejar yimster tu..dia bawak kamera lagi...laju tu..

    Julin Julai : Kotak komen kadang2 buat hal..tak tahu kenapa. I dah la buta IT, tak reti repair. U pun apa kurangnya..laju jugak tau, Thanks to your husband, he can run faster, but he choose to pace you. Sacrifice tu. Bomba u masuk jugak kan?
    Thanks for all your comments

  6. congrats Ijam :-)..pergh new blog design..mana pergi gambar ko yang BESAR tu?? BESAR PUNYE! he he

  7. aku tukar mlm tadi, gambar besar tu hilang pulak, jenuh aku buat tak boleh jugak. hantu betul!! takpe..mlm nanti cuba lagi...

  8. hey hey !!! i like your GARMIN watch. what's the model, how much it cost you and where did you get it ar ???

  9. Bought it from in sunway at RM1.4k (with heart rate). The dealer here sell it with HRM. If u just want the watch, you can ask garmin dealer in tmn maluri abt RM1.2k (he offered me). Next best thing, buy it in singapore, i think RM1k. Yimster also got this watch..