Thursday, December 12, 2013

Circumcision by Laser – Situation Critical!

In conjunction with school holiday which started on 16 November 2013, I decided to send my 10 year old son for his ‘manhood’ transformation by performing a circumcision.

 Keep Calm

 In my early entry here which my 1st son (Idlan) had been circumcised at Klinik Shahril in December  2010 and due to the rapid recuperating experience, it would strongly justify to repeat the same process at the same clinic. 

However, Klinik Shahril has its own popularity now despite the cost fee had been escalated to RM150-00 (RM100-00 then), it seems the booking period is taking far too long. I called the clinic on 21st November to fix an appointment which I would prefer to do it on the following Saturday, however, the only available slot was on 12 December 2013 – 22 days later.

Unwelcomed by the long waiting day, instead of agreeing on the new available date, I had chosen another option that is finding another clinic within the vicinity (Taman Impian Ehsan, Balakong, Selangor).

The ‘newly appointed’ clinic is Klinik Famili located much more nearer to my house (less than 1km). There was no hassle for booking an appointment whereby they have ample slots. I booked on 29th November (Friday) at 4pm.

 Tel : 0389626815

My son (Izz) had been preparing this and has his own jitters for the upcoming predicament. His brother had been telling bad stories. Me, as a parent would cajole Izz few days earlier leading to the D-day. The best advice is telling him not to cry and try to hold on to the pain as long as he can – the way to beat his own brother who took it like a girl previously.

On that Friday evening, the moment of truth, Izz lying on the clinic’s bed wearing his ‘kain pelekat’, Tshirt and a slipper. The doctor asked him to be patient as he will prick him with few anaesthetic injections.

The injections were on the outer layer of the penis’ skin to enable it to be cut without hurting the patient. The process of removing the excessive skin by laser and revealing the inner part of the penis took about 20 – 30 minutes, including the stitching process – around 5 stitches in a circle.

After all the necessary medical procedure had been completed, the doctor instructed to remain on the seat and wait for about 10 minutes. This is for the purpose in case of any bleeding from the cut. Unfortunately, Izz had suffered from this, and he was bleeding profusely and I had to bring him back on the surgery bed. 

The doctor then wrapped the newly cut skin with a bandage and apply a gentle pressure to stop the bleeding. About 10 minutes, the bleeding seems to have stopped and Izz has the permission to go home. The doctor advised to return back to the clinic 2 days later to open the bandage.

 The device - it is attached to the electrical power source

After taking the medication, Izz fell asleep. He woke up few hours later at 6.30pm, half naked and said to me that he doesn’t suffer any pain following the worn out anaesthetic. He doesn’t even cry. One tough dude!. Mc Donalds for dinner for the whole family as promised dedicated to the new ‘man’ in the house.

On the second day, when I checked the wound, the white bandage had been hardened by the dried blood while the blood flow from the wound had stopped. I noticed that some sort of puss – yellowish residue mix with blood had covered the upper bandage and attached to the skin like glue. It was a dead skin as advised by the doctor earlier. 

I decided to slowly peel the bandage on my own to assess the situation either to bring him to clinic and endure the highest level of excruciating pain by my poor child or continue with the peeling. I could not watch my son’s sad and teary face if the unmerciful doctor do it in front of my eyes. I just can’t!.
Even the slightest movement of the peeling process, Izz screamed in pain!. I decided not to bring him to the clinic.

I will de-attach the bandage all by myself with gentle care. As days passed by, I spent time daily to cut the bandage piece by piece to reduce the thickness, layer by layer. At the same time, I asked Izz to soften the bandage with water as to make it easier for the cutting process. There were times Izz screamed in a controlled manner. Izz also show some effort in cutting the certain part of the bandage during his free time.
Finally, on the 12th day, the bandage came out by itself!! After all the hard work, wear and tear, wet and dry – Izz won! He said that it was easy to peel off the bandage during one of his shower sessions. The stitches also wear off at the same time.

My advice to all parents out there, don’t be scared if similar situation occurred to your son. The above experience is how you handle it if you don’t want your son to suffer. 

Oh yes, one more thing, a friend did asked me why I don’t perform the circumcision during the infant stage, it is hassle free as the baby skin is still soft and few other win factors. I said though I endured a slight downside experience of the circumcision, I actually wanted all my sons to experience it on their own. With these experiences, they will share with friends and even some day with kids of their own – as they said “experience is the best teacher”.

P/s : The above experience is for sharing purpose and not be used as an ultimate solution. You may seek professional assistance if necessary.


  1. Hi,

    In your personal opinion, which clinic is better and more professional - Kilink Shahril or Klinik Famili. I am staying at Taman Impian Ehsan. By the way, how much is Klinik Famili charged?

    1. Based on experience, klinik sharil is the choice. Thanks

    2. The cost is RM200-00 - market rate. Thanks

  2. do you know where they do circumcision for babies?

    1. the clinic mentioned above also provide the service for infant. Thanks

  3. Assalamu Alaiqum wa Rahmatullah wa Barkatuh. Do you know of any clinic in damansara or close by for circumcision for baby (20 months old) please?

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    2. Thank you for replying back, appreciate it

    3. Waalaikumsalam. I'm so sorry, I'm not that informative enough to provide you with that information. However, you may google it accordingly. Thanks