Monday, November 25, 2013

(Prawn Mee) Mee Udang Aur Gading, Sungai Dua, Butterworth, Penang

1st time being here with few recommendations from a conventional wisdom : ‘if it tastes good, tell it to 3 – 6 people”. Here we are at Aur Gading Mee udang on one fine Monday late afternoon. The outlet consider popular as most of the GPS has this location under “Places of Interest – Food category”.
There was no patron at that time in view it was a working day.

We ordered 2 bowls of prawn mee which they served in 1 big bowl.  There were 6 big prawns on top of the serving. I was surprised with the prawn quantity. The taste? I will give 1 out of 5. The curry gravy had more water than the curry itself.

The setback of this outlet is when it comes to the bill time. To our dismay the cost of the food that we ate (2 servings of prawn mee) cost us a walloping RM36-00!! The 2 mee are RM6-00 but the prawns alone cost RM30-00!!

The cashier said that the giant prawn was based on weight meaning that 1 piece of prawn cost RM5-00!!
The dine-in concept at Mee Udang Aur Gading is wrong, they should inform the customer that the prawn will be based on weight then the customer has the option to choose either to have it or not, or determine the prawn quantity to be served. 

In fact, we don’t really know how many is the standard quantity of prawn for each bowl per serving (I assume 3 pieces). But then, the outlet can easily manipulate the system, they able to put how many prawn they feel convenient to them especially if you come in large group. That’s what I call cheating customer. I am pretty sure they make a fortune out of this one.

The normal seafood dine-in concept will let you choose your marine life, weight it, let you know the price, you still can adjust accordingly to your budget at this point, the final process is to select your serving style. It is a fair negotiation.

On the other hand, the cost for one bowl of Mee Udang Ramli located in Kuala Selangor (my entry here), also very famous only cost us RM6-00 (with 3 pieces of small but sufficient prawn on top). They have fix price on the menu and to me, it was a sincere business.

For those who wish to have Mee Udang Aur Gading should think twice. Back to the Conventional wisdom: “if you had a bad experience, tell it to 12 – 20 people”.

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