Wednesday, December 12, 2012


This 2012’s version of school holiday had been planned for 2 days 1 night stay in D’Muara Marine Park Haji Dorani located at Sungai Besar, Kuala Selangor, Selangor.

Searching through google will get you to 2 different locations , first is Haji Dorani Homestay  and the other is D’Muara Marine Park Haji Dorani.

Haji Dorani Homestay is more to stay-in with local cultural event (hand -catching fish, kite making, scarecrow making and few more exciting events). The activities require a quorum to perform.
On the other hand, D’Muara Marine Park is just a sea view chalet where you can spend the night over for a piece and quiet life as a reward.
Both places are just a kilometre apart.


Located 140km from Kuala Lumpur , 2 hours or so driving from Jalan Duta- Latar Highway- Ijok-Sungai Besar. Our journey began from Balakong to Ijok, 77km, for gas refuelling station. Then make our way by car through Ijok town straight to Sungai Besar. 

Roti Canai

Having light breakfast ‘kampung style’ somewhere in Ijok – Roti canai, curry puff and Nasi Lemak.
In view that our check in will be at 2.00pm, we will make a detour to Bukit Malawati. There is a history behind that name – which will be updated on a different entry later on.
We stopped at somewhere before Sungai Besar for our lunch,  then, continue with our journey.
Arrived at 1.30pm, since our room was not yet ready, we just wondering around for a photo shoot.

The Water Chalet
There are 2 types of chalets here :
·         ground level chalet which located at the entrance (facing the jetty)
·         Stilt chalet (facing the ocean and facing the...carpark) – better take the ocean view to avoid ‘bored to death’ syndrome.

The stilt chalet / Floating chalet/ Water Chalet

The normal chalet

The chalet has its own restaurant called dmuara restaurant, a ballroom can accommodate 100 pax at one time, a paint ball field and all basic facilities. Ample parking space is provided with more than enough parking space even on a full-house room occupation. (Not like Hotel Chorus in Port Dickson-double parking like mad!)

The  waiting area

Reception Area


The entrance

Ample Parking Space

The gate will be closed during the night

 Low tide

The Room
The room cost us RM140 (ocean/sea view) – weekdays rate (RM170-00 – weekend rate). Quite spacious with 2 single beds and all the things that we need – air cond, ceiling fan, shower water heater, heater jug, small fridge, TV, cloth cabinet, complimentary tea and Nescafe – are more than enough.
The windows are nicely fitted with a double layers yellowish and white curtains.

The balcony overseeing the horizon..very nice

The massage service

The insect invader caution with a spelling mistake

Entertainment - the tv reception is unclear though

The extra pillow cost RM2 ringgit per piece and extra mattress will cost RM30-00 per unit.
However, there are room for improvement as to evaluate the room’s condition like the TV – just basic areal connection (no astro or cable network)- we can hardly watch any of the channel, the shower heater – too hot even in the lowest level  while the air cond emitted and intermittent drops of water. Other than that, it’s a heaven!!
The floor had been nicely customized fitted with wooden tiles – to keep you warm during the night.
The room also equipped with 2 wooden chairs and a coffee table (with drawers) – nice.
The balcony or veranda complete with 2 Balinese wooden chairs and a small round table where you can enjoy the sea breeze. It also used as a platform for domestic fishing – yeah, that’s what I did.
You can admire the sun set and sun rise from this veranda.

 The sun set

The Street Market
After having a short nap, we headed for a ‘goreng pisang’ and local delicacies search which located about a kilometre away, situated at the road where we just came earlier.

The satay

Here, just like a morning market starts operations according to the locals at 1.00 pm and as early as 7.00am.
Along this road, you can observe makeshift canopy for small traders selling fresh marine life (fish, crab, scallop, squid etc), vegetables, from farm /orchard – banana, jackfruit, watermelon. Food stall also operated here selling chicken satay, fried banana, cakoi, etc.

The Dinner
The petrol station located about 2 km from the chalet (Petronas) and so as the eateries. There aren’t many choices of food restaurant establishment around the vicinity, all were too far apart. Searching via the GPS for food will take you to the nearest about 17km away, that’s a long way to have your dinner. We just tried our luck by heading towards Kuala Selangor and located one Tom yam restaurant just by the roadside – about 5 to 6 km away.
Headed back to our chalet after dinner. Arriving at the chalet, we were welcomed by the security guard (with plain cloth) opening the entrance’s gate. The chalet is a well protected area and had  bright lights around the parking compound for added security.

It’s fishing time !
Earlier, I’ve asked the locals where to get the fishing gear – well, at the bicycle shop that is..? Yes...the bicycle shop at the street market is selling those. Unfortunately, at about 9pm, it was a low tide, as such, the fishing could not be performed like we wanted to. We can hear the water beneath but it just not deep enough for the fish to come ashore. We could hear a slow thud sound when our fish bait (shrimp) touches the water...I mean ..sand.

 Meticulous at its best

The Sun Rise
The next morning, woke up early for a nice sunrise view, well, all you can see was amber light shimmering through the thick cloud from the horizon. Embrace the creator ! It’s just mesmerizing!
Then, we headed for healthy breakfast at the street market, where we had our nasi lemak (again) and lontong. Yes, the street market was where the life is. You will have shops that sells petrol in a bottle (normally for fishermen’s boat) groceries store, food stall, burger stall – well , that’s about it.

 sun rise

The Fisherman's Jetty

The jetty is adjacent to the chalet – well, it’s connected. The chalet was built to suit the surrounding, they wanted to keep it that way in view that the place was originally a small fish trade centre where the marine’s catch landed. A slow movement of activity where you may notice the fish boat come and go through a small canal sufficient for a small boat to pass through leading to the sea.

This is the restaurant

The canal

Leading to the sea

The restaurant

It’s time to check out.
We checked out before 12pm.  Leaving the chalet with an unforgettable memories with my wife and kids. Staying there was a privilege as a reward for the kids and for us parents too, a getaway from our busy schedule. Spending the night here is recommended for its tranquillity, peace and quiet – because you deserve it.

For more information you may contact :

'Nata De Coco' Factory

On the way back, we dropped by at this sweetener manufacturer.

 You need to wear this sandal to enter

 The packing department

Items ready to be packed

The labelling section

and 'virgin coconut' factory

Fruit Stall

 and this :

RM6.50 per bowl...

at last...the end..


  1. hi, just nak tanya, street market tu hari apa ..?

    1. street market tu rasanya hari2 ada. kecik je pun tapi boleh tahan. I suggest u pegi, parking kereta kat tepi then jalan-jalan, then pekena roti canai or goreng pisang. Pergh...! best!