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The entrance fee is RM5-00 (Adult) and RM3-00 (children). The ticket is for the tram ride to uphill AND to Taman Ikan Air Tawar Kuala Selangor which is located nearby. The tram will ferry you up and after you had explored Bukit Malawati, you may hop on the tram again to Taman Ikan Air Tawar.

Most people won’t notice this. The ticket operator does not inform us when we purchased the ticket. To our dismay, we paid another RM2-00 (adult) and RM1-00 (children) for the Taman Ikan Air Tawar entrance.
Back to Bukit Malawati entrance, the tram service operated with 20 minutes interval. However, I would prefer for you to just  breeze walk to the top. There’s a lot to see on your way up, I also didn’t notice this. 

There is a “poison well” which the tram won’t stop here, so, you might take note of this one. There is also ‘Batu Hampar’ on your way down. So, don’t be lazy...just walk a bit.

The tram took us about 5 minutes to reach the top where the lighthouse is located, the main attraction on this hill. However, the fully fenced and well guarded lighthouse is not for us to enter. Just a view from the outer side of the fence.

There’s a lot of monkeys gang here, they will be attracted to food that you bring. The punk monkey may look skinny but not their appetite. 

There are series of cannons here arranged few metres apart directed straight to the shore that once used to protect the hill from foreign invaders.

Well, enjoy the photos.

Information of the light house with severals spelling mistakes...adui...

You may want to try this one...pergh!!..

The ginger ale...

for the monkeys

Places of interest On our way down...

Used to be a gruesome event going on

my son dare to take the challenge to run to the middle field

Well...we were dressed to the occasion

Taman Ikan Air Tawar

Happy holiday...

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