Thursday, January 3, 2013


Frustrated that you can't save the photo that you want into your android phone while browsing your facebook? Fret not....

There are many ways to save facebook photo from an adroid phone but if you looking for basic ideas, please observe the 2 methods below :

1) Download Friendcaster for Facebook from Google play :

Log in to your facebook account with the new installed friendcaster application (not the normal android facebook application)

Select your photo

Click the 'disk' icon on your top right corner.
The photo is now saved in your gallery
If not, please refresh the gallery programme by quiting and re-entering.

2) Download an application from google play : "Send to SD Card"

Once you download it, it will autmatically installed the application to your device.

Log in to your facebook android application like you use to.

Select a photo like this

click menu : the screen will appear like this. Click Share

 There are series of application that go along with the sharing function. But here please select "SD card"

The screen will appear like this. choose your folder destination for example : click on "blackmart "

The "Copy Here" and "Move Here" has been changed with the folder destination

Next : go to your gallery - or the location that you can view your photos.

! The photo is here - ".blackmart"

3)Installing 3rd party application like Instagram or Androidify will also able to save photo via android facebook.


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