Friday, April 6, 2012


It's been a while I dont update this blog.
The following photos were my journey to Bangkok for The North Face 100KM Race in Thailand in February 2012.

Arriving at the airport

The air port surrounding - it's my first time here, so, I can take pictures as i like it

On our way to Amphawa - one of the district, 1 hour away from Bangkok town
we saw this gigantic statue of 3 headed elephant

The busy road of bangkok town - once we alighted from the van

On top of the bridge - on our way to Bangkok BTS (LRT system was know by that name here)

Still on the bridge

This photo was at Amphawa while waiting for our van to take us to Bangkok Town.
(I'm in Amphawa for The North Face 100km will get it)

Our F1 Driver, - Driving like mad

Bangkok's Monument - Town Centre

Queuing to purchase the BTS (Bangkot Transit System) ticket

The rush hour, same like us - the crowd

One of the stop 

It's almost time to reach home back in KL least they have other language

The map - we're trying to find our way through...

After a long walk with our heavy back pack, it is not to exit the BTS

One of the mode of transport
Please take the taxi instead, the price for this motor taxi was exorbitant ! 300 baht for a less than 5 km distance (RM30-00).

The whole vehicle look's like

The alley

More alley

Little bit more

One of the shopping complex, near our hotel

The traffic condition

The famous platinum plaza, feet! It was a tyring walk to reach here

One more shopping complex adjacent to Platinum

They are using Toyota Altis as Taxis a few million baht the driver say

Halal Food! 2 Km from our hotel, it must be our group's lucky day.
Let's peek inside

For those who is in town and looking for halal food, this is the place, you may google it and find the location

The interior

More interior

Aiyo...the photo is not in sequence, the busy bangkok town when we first got here

Ala kacau la...Orang nak ambik gambar ni - from inside the eatery

Pepsi is the main sponsor for this outlet
The bowl jar contain some sort of chilli paste I think

How cute, a cuppa of Teh Tarik (a small kettle of plain hot water in case you want a refill and a cup of ice chunks in case it's too hot) - I think

Bring the food on the table baby....Crab Omelette, Tom Yam and Spicy Prawn - delicious! 

From the road side

Here it was situated

Another Halal restaurant situated nearby just a few shops away, Mak Yah - It was closed 

Mak Yah Restaurant

On our way back walking we saw this sign - it's a mosque

This is the road sign leading to the halal food heaven, remember folks

All small outlet at the roadside are halal food

This the place to eat halal food

The mosque - taking from outside. There was this uncle said that you can go inside to take photo

The bird cage hanging

They do have masjid darul aman here

The taxi fare list from the back seat, It's cheap

On our way to Royal Palace

Can see it from afar

The wall (tu kepala botak sapa tu?) The royal palace was closed for ritual something and open back in a few hours. So, we headed to ...

Through busy market...


River Cruise....1 hour journey circling the island

The jetty area

Some sort of wheel to adjust the jetty's up and down movement

Huge river

 Pulling his way through

Still waiting for our long tail boat

We're in the boat already fast!

Nice architecture

The activity along the river bank

One of the temple with large statue

we even stop for river shopping 
Every house has stairs like these

With a stilt

The boat operator lepaking

We were stop by this enclosure - some sort of river traffic device

Can you see it at the background - the barricade seems to be lifted up

The boat from the other side gushing out

It's our turn to pass through

Can see clearly now there have this green and red light indicator 

Heavy duty engine 

The floating market

What's cooking?

 More floating market

The water pipe suppying water to river side houses
More pipe


Maybe it's their way of life 

With their own set of boat

some sort of canooe or something

House on stilt - a unique 

The road sign...i mean river sign

It's a fish party!

More house on stilt

One of the main attraction, temple 

Dont know what it means

Nice house

One of the famous temple - and we're going there

The only way to this temple is by boat

Ticket for 50 baht - RM5-00 not bad at all

Baldy statue

You cannot wear like this

Whoa...too high

The detail of the structure

Vertigo anyone?

It's hot and steamy

Time to go back - calling our boat

Back to the wall

The opposite of the palace

You cant also wear like these...
Well, I'm wearing shorts, so, need to queue for free pants. You have to put some money as a deposit. I think it was 20 baht

Still queuing

We're in! from afar

You need to buy a ticket to enter or you can stay just at the entrance to enjoy the view, it's also nice

Some sort of bell shape temple

We're in this temple (out of many) - please take off your shoes, there were guards will tell ya..

The fine details 

The entrance to the temple, you cant take picture inside, but it look so nice!

Oppss...the 1 GB of storage capacity has been utilized!
No more photos beyond this point


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  2. patung buddha emas tu memang ramai org, penat aku tunggu kosong, tak kosong2 jugak. Last2 belasah je la tangkap...ha, ha...
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  3. An epic travel of phallic proportions...