Thursday, April 26, 2012


I still vividly remember that I’d purchased the school bag for my 3 kids in December 2012 for RM30-00 per bag (RM90-00 for 3). Now, it's beginning of school in January 2012 where my kids battling for their heavy load of text books cramped into their conventional school bag.

Carried around rain or shine, dump it on the floor after TIRED day from school (yeah...right).
By March 2012, 3 months after the school had started, the existing school bag had been torn at the shoulder strap due to heavy impact. A huge gap can be clearly seen along the stitch line.
I’ve purchased another bag at the same price for my 9 and 11 year old son, only to get frustrated that the newly purchased bags had been torn at the similar spot – shoulder strap that connected to the body - due to manufacturer’s defect I think. I don’t even bother to go back and complaint (tak kuasa!)

Searching through the net came to one brand – ‘Swan’. Apparently there are few establishments of their outlet throughout klang valley and the closest from my residence is in Aeon Balakong (formerly known as Jaya Jusco).
The Swan bag had proven its durability with positive reviews from all its users (mostly parents). With the cost of RM60-00 per bag which is affordable and worth every penny, I mean cent.

Now, after 1 month using the bag and with all the tortures and tantrum, I would say that the bag is still holding strong...
My son is a proud owner of the swan bag...ha, ha..

Let us check what is in their store:

Be careful for imitation, so, choose wisely by their authorised swan dealer.


  1. Waaahhh... hydration bag baru ye Ijam? Tak pun, ni mesti costume utk SCKLM ni! :p

  2. hydation bag boleh masuk buku sekali. Kot2 boring masa lari boleh membaca. Tapi aku nasihatkan kalau lari kat jambatan pulau pinang sesuai baca buku, sebab membaca itu jambatan ilmu..kah, kah...

  3. julin : kah, kah, ...tapi tak dapat komisyen pun..huhu..

  4. I bought my son's bag at the same place last year. He had been using the swan bag for almost 1 & the half yrs...
    Bertahan lagi.. Though the price was quite expensive but it lasts long...

    1. ss : setuju...nak beli lagi nanti, buat sedekah. Memang berbaloi-baloi..

  5. brrr....dah tak ingat brand bag masa kecik...but i know its not swan :-P skrg saya guna beg cap sime darby je...tahan sejak 2008..itupon free...ha ha ha...

  6. I sent my son's bag for repair beginning of the month and till the last day re-open they could not deliver.

    Really dissapointed with the level of Customer service where I kept follow up since last week and none of the staff bother to response even many calls since last week.

    Today walked in as the last day but unfortunately the staff push it to HQ that not open today.. And the supervisor Azrul from Puchong outlet nor even to call back for apologist and response..

    My goodness.. Do they really need a month to repair?????what disappointing is the bag only use for 3 months and torned..

    1. I'm truly sorry on the predicament that you have encountered. I'm sure they use a delay tactic but unfortunately they never consider the power of consumer. Hope everything goes well.

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