Saturday, October 22, 2011


The much awaited race of my life is finally arrived! The North Face 100KM Trail Run Singapore 2011  !!

Been dreaming the race since last year and overwhelmed by it's popularity throughout asia pacific (including libya...). I've been inspired by bunch of running colleagues (syah, nik, kash, ian, yim, pui san and many others) as they've done it last year.

Training...sort of..
As an experienced long distance runner, my 'vision and mission' for this race is to finish within the cut off time i.e before 9 hours. Keep reminding myself that this is a trail run (lari dalam hutan) type of race and it's not a road race. They said trail run like twice the distance compared to road race..hmmm..
My training started in September...yeah...kind of late some would say..but hey, being a working father with no time to train would require a realistic goal in life. (uwek..)

yeay...this was my training...10km (kot) je...

Frim trail run training - something is missing...alone and lonely.. 

broga hill training...forcing non-runners friends to get their ass moving..
I've been putting a lot of effort on hill training...3 times to the summit per session should do the trick.
 Fartlek in between ...mmm...I like it!

Island Running..during team building...actually not running at all...mental training je..

High altitude running...cameron highland...14km (from Tanah rata to Hotel Equatorial and back)
1 week before TNF...
Training Summary - should be clocking 60 - 70km weekly
Reality : 30 km weekly (if I got lucky)

My Gear & Supplement

Hydration pack of 2 litre (stuffed my hydration pack with 1.5 litre of fluid is sufficient for 10km- no need to make it more heavier), 4 packets of power gels, Gu electrolytes soluble tablets..blister patch..thats it..
In view that every water station has GU gel, GU chomps...try to snatch whatever I can during the race.
The most important thing that I forgot : ORS...please bring at least 5 of it...


Prior Race : days before - carbo load like a lot of fish (marlin if you can)
Hours before - should eat rice, but ended up with buns instead...(I sure die..)

During Race : keep hydrated, take power gel at every water station, early prevention for potential blister, taking a longer break to relief yourself, walk break when you feel like walking but try to minimize it, curse a lot, smile to other runners, take picture - phsycology effect, try to run with your buddy the entire race, enjoying the female runners - great motivation..big time!

After Race : sleep, eat, sleep, eat...
It takes 1 day for my body to recover from the eat above normal level

Before Race Day

Having dinner at Bali Thai , thanks to Kash's hospitality..wohoo!!

 muka macam harem...(all photos above taken from Ray's and Deo's collection)

Nice food, thanks Kash..

Race Day

Having Light breakfast

 Weighing station - must have a minimum of 1.5 litre of fluid

ceeh...muka ada senyum...

warm up session with abang Raydeo


 At the starting point

Ooh..yeah...!! Thanks Ian for this nice running shirt...

 Ready to rumble!

Ni apa kuis-kuis ni?

Lihat perutku...rampingkan..?.

Team Macam Bagus

Deo dengan tangkap gambar jarak jauh dia tu..

Ray dengan gaya Kaki Terangkat dia tu...tak habis-habis...

With Frank, Ian, Ijam and Deo (Cakap la satu dua tiga bila nak ambik gambar)

Syahsully dengan imej fesyen tudung terkini, dapatkan di pasaran sekarang

 Cynthia Gan (in blue) : Best la Tempat timbang ni...

Kash : "I punya beg 3 kilo le...(bawak megi, air nescafe, nasi, roti gardenia, kari ayam)"

Muka deo dah cuak dah tu...atau dia tengah skodeng amoi..

About 300 plus...

 Good Luck everybody...

  Team RayDeo

First pit stop...

Apa barang baru 13km...dalam masa sejam setengah dah ni...

Cool down with icy water...

Team from ...korea, taiwan, japan...

Apa barang 16 km...!! So far so cramp..Still got the energy

have a hill and we will break....fuh..penat, tinggi!!

Just keep walking and one dare to run...

Apa barang lagi...19.4km...ceh...nak mati ni..!!

At 25km pit stop..pheww!!...I'm losing my mind, my body and my soul...while ian was having a good time enjoying the sun bath...huhu..It's time to call the love ones. I suffered a minor cramp on my flat buttock once I laid down on the bench..ouch!!

Why can't you be 30km? why do you have to be in decimal points?...urgh...700 metre to make it to 30km. These distance marker do look torture.

My goodness!! I've been running for 6 hours, it's 2.20pm...already past my lunch and afternoon nap.

wah..!! That hot...!!

It's not even marathon distance yet!!...Relax..

I suffered minor cramp here...I think..but thanks to Ian and his ORS...a live saver..!!

While other runners were cursing at Mandai (well, most of them), we on the other hand, 'pretend' to be happy..the above photo showed it all...keh, keh..(thanks sasha farina for this lovely shot!)

The man with 'NO complaint' can never hear Ian's cursing...except..'Yeeha', 'good run', 'that was good'..
Yeah...He's that special!

Runners down!! This what friends are for, when you fell on the ground, we took your photo.
Those roots and gravel will make you lost your steps and, do be careful..

Finishing is near...few steps away...(alamak..muka...tension semacam je)

Eh...finished already?...apa barang...

Finished at 7 hours 58 minutes. The North Face 100km Duo was one hella hot and longest run I've ever done! Running 50km on trail, gravel, tree roots, soft red ground was not an easy feat's possible.
For me it's one hell of an achievement due to lack of mileage, I remember once Ray said to me , "it's not the quantity, It's the quality" (of the training). So, train smart...

Something That Get Me Motivated :,

 Taken from Singapore Blade Runner's FB - "IF I CAN RUN, SO CAN YOU"

Singapore Blade Runner on 'unrunnable hill' - determination and succeed.


  1. adoi tbc laa pulak dah... baru nak stim dah terpotong.

  2. Aisey! Terkedu kejap. Takpe, working father. Faham :]

  3. Aduhai... rugi wa beli popcorn bucket besau...

  4. dah abis dah la...gambar je, malas nak tulis panjang2..nanti boring...

  5. Cisssss ini je???
    Tapi distant marker yang ada titik-titik perpuluhan tu memang macam haremmmm, psycho abis! Damn it TNF100 Singapore! Siap kau aku revenge kat TNF100 Thailand! Hehehe

  6. deo : ni je la...maleh aku nak tulis panjang2..takde mood...kita tengok tnf thailand mcm mana pulak ye...
    wei nanti bg tnf mission plan, flight, bus, ketapi, hotel, tuk-tuk, sampan, bot, kayak..

  7. memang boy itu memotivasikan kita..

    *kenapa saye tak jumpa tanda bukit Broga tu? huhu!!

  8. Blog tip kurus : ye memang...setengah orang nak jalan pun malas gila..!!