Thursday, December 1, 2011


This post may be out of date!


When it comes to Internet Data Plan which one is better, is it Maxis, Digi or Celcom?

From their website you can observe the following :

    Offered  : 500mb per month for RM58-00
                    (I'm currently stuck with this!)

Digi offered : 1GB per month for RM43-00 (hmmm...)

Celcom offered : 1.5GB for RM48-00 (wow!!)

The thing is we dont know how many kilobyte per second Maxis and Digi are offering (except celcom). I heard that the internet connection for Digi and Celcom will be much slower after we reach the limit or they will charge us a sum of amount for every 10kb extra example : Maxis - RM0-05 per 10kb.

I did heard that Maxis internet connection which is more faster compared to depends on preference actually. the money you invest in worth it?...well..I dont mind the slow connection but still an acceptable level of reception compared to the hefty amount you have to pay every month of RM58-00 for 500MB!!...what an extortion !!
I'm converting to CELCOM soon...

My bill statement last month.
Data Plan Package : RM58-00 for 500MB
Usage for last month : 680,030KB (680MB)

This is how they charged me : 
The 500MB is actually 512MB
512MB converted to KB is 512,000KB
512,000KB - 680,030KB = 168,030KB (1.6MB)
168,030 KB / 10 = 16803 x RM0.05 (RM0.05 per 10KB) = RM840.15!!
 However, they said that maximum amount to be charged only RM250-00.
So, in other hand, I had to pay RM250-00 for extra usage of 1.6MB (bloody hell!!)
And I can't change the plan (upgrade to 1.5GB for RM78-00) as I'm stuck with the handphone package. A penalty of RM1,000-00 to be imposed if I break the contract. 


  1. i'm maxis user.. and yes, i definitely agree with u.. maxis is sucks.. damn it! i'm thinking to terminate maxis services..

  2. domu-kon : yeah...but some part of malaysia maxis line having better reception...huhu....
    you aint seen nothing yet to my maxis bill...i will post it later...

  3. im using celcom prepaid and maxis prepaid as i compared celcom reached 80kbps at top while maxis go high as 300 kbps on hspda naite phone.the thing is maxis stuck with cap limit and celcom throttle the line go down to 10 - 30 kbps after usage about 200mb or so (celcom weekly broadband)

  4. If 512000KB=512MB,Then 168030KB=168.03MB
    If 10KB=RM0.05,Then 168030KB=RM840.15

  5. plz suggest to me which data plan better???? send to my email,

  6. u can use watch dog apps to monitor ur data usage ( smartphones )

    1. yes, thanks for the tips. Currently i downloaded 3gwatchdog for my android.

  7. Guys, for internet prepaid daily plan which one is better? maxis or celcom? because i want to use only if i have a situation that i need internet for one day only on my prepaid maxis and celcom but i don't know which is more worth it. Can any of you guys help me? here is my email

    1. for better connection it depends on the user, some of us said that celcom gives speed and so do Digi and Maxis.
      But for cheaper deal, you may want to consider U-Mobile.

  8. i'm currently using u mobile, which is VERY cheap... BUT......... having problem with the coverage. sometimes fast and sometimes slower than a snail!! haihhhh.......... planning to convert to celcom coz i'm a heavy downloader but rm138 for 10GB is expensive compared to u mobile of 20GB = rm128.......

  9. May I ask?? My digi data plan is 3gb but I am over now... ao it will apply to charge??

  10. Singapore M1 joining one telco, not sure which, offer fiber broadband 200mbps at only RM78 per month unlimited data download, only limited time offer


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