Monday, July 25, 2011


Managed to get bib from Mr Ronnie See (spirit of pia) for this race the night before at a discounted price..he, he..thanks Ronnie.

Never expect that I would run becoz I never register and moreover, I had plan for a trail run that Sunday.

The thing is (tiru lawan bersawang syuk), there was no preparation for this race :

Training : zero mileage
Carbo Load : what's that?
Meal before run : half energy bar
Endurance drink during race : gatorade
Power gel : No
Injury level : No
Fitness level : doesn't feel fit
Determination : 100%
Warm up : walking from car park (less than 500m)
woke up at 5.00am : %$#@!

At the starting line, met with fellow runners - Karen, Yim, izuan, shanaz, nana, azuria, zuki, lawrence, halmi, all of them are speedsters! With a reputable training mileage on their belt gave me the jitters.

The strategy :
I supposed to run at a much slower pace in view that I have no training but what I did was running a bit fast and try to maintain until I puke blood.

...and there's this uncle
At 10km (i think), I tried to match up with this uncle from kelab road runner ipoh (printed on his vest). Immediately he became my pacer.

decide, commit, succeed (Ian's Corporate Athlete's motto)
Managed to pace with this uncle till the end (estimated pace at 5.10 to 6.00 kot...damn hills!)
There was no way I will maintain that crazy pace on my own if not for this uncle. The numerous times of side stitch attacked and actually I'm running with pain (Just remember to inhale and exhale like a horse!). I will not let go of this uncle!! - a sheer determination.

It's amazing how your body can do amazing thing!

This was the uncle, with me pursuing behind

Not bad at all

That's wrapped up my road race running event....and now..lets hit the trail!


  1. kak june : mueh, heh heh...

  2. Fuiyoh. Tolong larikan untuk aku minggu depan boleh? LOL! Congrats!

  3. K.A : woi kerja oi!!...minggu depan aku lari kat tempat lain, malas nak lari shape run...huhu...

  4. KA : ha? hatyai lagi? memang siam betul la kau...?

  5. Sekalung tahniah to the uncle ..hehe..
    Well done to u too. Next time lari kejar amoi sure bleh buat 1.5hr!!

  6. KA : bagus..spirit mcm tu la...kau kawin la dgn awek siam KA..ha, ha..

    SS : thanks..tapi sekalung je, 3 kalung tak boleh?
    tak pandang amoi la hari tu..

  7. Kalung emas??
    Ni kena turunkan ilmu skit...Solomon Trail Run!

  8. Memang kompom kau boleh match up dengan uncle tu. Boleh jadikan pakcik angkat la kot. Tahniah bro! Kau memang power sejati :]

  9. SS : ilmu eh...?

    Diket : tulah...nak kena bawak uncle tu sekali bila race nanti..

  10. wa caya lu ahhh...trail trail trailllll....I am Sam...

  11. wow, cayalah Ijam!!! Sub 2 siap.. congrats!!!!

  12. AINI : takde apa la tu...nasib je..mueh, heh, heh..

  13. arghhh jeles dapat sub2 for half. uncle tu mesti pakai running skirt kan? kehkeh

    well done!

  14. Lerrr....ingat malam esok nak tunjuk kat Mak, itu Badut yang lari kat Shape Run tahun lepas... :-P Ermmm English pun dah power semacam je sekarang...Selamat berpuasa dengan keluarga...165..

  15. kak tipah : ala..nasib je tu...huhu

    bunny : shape run tak masuk, maleh...

  16. Aku termiss entry ni lah. Congrats Ijam sub2 tu! Slmt berpuasa!

  17. deo : selamat berpuasa. (apa ada pada timing la..)

  18. Weii! Dah raya dah ni! SHRMZB bro! Seksi ko pakai sluar kuning ketat tu huhu! Hapdate laa