Thursday, March 31, 2011


they just want a nice soft, comfy and warm place called, 'home'.

Patut la seluar kecik aku makin kurang. Seluar kecik yang dah koyak tu mungkin kena patuk dengan diorang jugak kot...

Nak makan sup sarang burung pun dah tak boleh dah sekarang, takut ada panties dgn bra pulak kat dalam tu...huhu...

I tak bersalah U.....
bukan juga kurang kasih sayang menjadi punca..huhu...


  1. doc julin : entah, takde idea...huhu...

  2. kakakakakakakakakak... ni crows kat JB je ni buat kerja tak senonoh hahahahahahahahahaha

  3. Wahaha... ijam takde keje bikin sibuk sama burung wahahah

  4. Kak June : Kemaruk boleh membawa maut
    Syah : yelah..JB punya...keh, keh..
    Zack : huhu...aku burung tiong...(anak aku menyanyi..)

  5. Bukan Jauhari sahaja yang mengenal Manikam...

  6. balqis : saya ada kawan bernama jauhari yang tak kenal apa itu manikam...tikam tau la...

  7. Mentang mentang lah korang dah pre-installed keris inside, tau nak menikam jek :-P

  8. I'm from Malaysian, working in Singapore now. I had to gone through a medical check up before that.
    Anyway, the process took place at Sata CommHealth in Civic Centre, which was opposite to Causeway Point.
    The x-ray operator was a creepy guy, and the rest who were conducting the less exposing test were all women. The urinal test required a ridiculous lifelong walk holding a cup, with my urine, without a lid, from toilet to the testing room, passing by crowded public corridor. The nurse who was taking my blood was so rude, with her Beijing accent. The last doctor who was interviewing me was a guy, Dr Colin Lim. He claimed that he needed to listen to my lung through stethoscope. Then, he move closer to me, like there was only 10cm between our eyes. He pressed the stethoscope and his lower palm against my left breast couple of times at first. It made me felt very uncomfortable, but I tried to convince myself that he is a professional. However, after that, he shift his hand to listen to my breast from sideways, like pushing them one by one by stethoscope and his lower palm again to center, repetitively. He listened again to my lower neck from both as well. I should have had it recorded it and send to SMC. That was really weird.
    And that was the only experience and I would ever see a 'doctor' at that place ever again.
    Girls, please never go alone to clinic /hospital. Even the place well-known for its low crime rate does not seem very safe.