Wednesday, March 16, 2011


fellow runners

This was my 2nd Bareno run. Last year it was 11km, but this year it has incorporated a half marathon distance ie 21km. The run started at 5.30am which was great. Plenty of time to cheer other runners.

The route mostly uphill and a few 'psycho' one...but still manageable (not like newton run).

Nana, Pui san and me (big smile eeh?)

I never expected that i will run with ms Julie aka ironman. Never plan to.

Completed the run in 2:12 ..oh yeah!! No, it was not a perfect route to improve my timing. I will do more harm to these old knees. I'm not that powerful enough to push my body to the limit to clock a decent time regardless what kind of route it's going to be (like those Kenyans).

Well, i did enjoy the run with friends and aweks. I still respect the distance. And thank god that i still have the ability to run...


  1. Old knees? So long ada aweks those knees will be as good as new kan?

  2. U Ni Macam tau2 je yim..ha, ha

  3. bro - bila nak gi Newton balik ni?

  4. cis patut x jumpa! belakang aku rupanya, penat aku lari laju-laju cari ijam..he he

    byk alasan ko ijam, alasan lutut lah, alasan pisang gorenglah, padahal saja nak lari dgn MJ kan?? cepat mengaku :p

  5. Tahniah Mc, still a very good time. Bukit tuuu!
    Looking at those photos, I'm missing races oredi...

  6. Shah : Newtown? aduh pengsan lagi aku..

    Ray : kau dah power rangers dah skrg, nanti boleh cangkuk kau pulak..yeayy..

    Zack : tu la, kenapa tak join, start pukul 5.30 habis pukul 7.30, dah boleh balik mandi dah..

    June : eh ye ke? sengal sikit ni..

  7. Cayalah Ijam! Those knees can still be used for another 20 years believe me. Terkejut aku bila hang tiba2 muncul kat KM18. Haha...
    Powered by grilled bananas?!

  8. KA: aku slow skt tp Tkde sampai nk pencen le..keh, keh..

  9. nice running with ya ! thanks ! and thanks also tolong ambil gbr masa lari.hihi.