Friday, April 1, 2011


Kasihanilah mereka...

KUALA LUMPUR: Close to 1,200 homeless people roam the city every day and the Welfare Department has proposed a one-stop intervention centre, to be later set up nationwide, to reduce their number.

Among the tasks of the proposed centres will be to provide the homeless with medical attention and help them find jobs. They will also provide an early intervention programme for drug addicts, mental patients, senior citizens and beggars.

Children found roaming the streets will be put in proper homes while efforts are made to trace the whereabouts of their parents.

A study, carried out by the Welfare Department between March and June this year, showed that the majority of the homeless were from the old, poor and low-income group, or runaways who had fled their hometowns to avoid peer pressure or large families, some with as many as 18 family members under one roof.

Some of them were gangsters, drug addicts, mentally unstable or former prisoners rejected by their family or neighbours.


  1. applaud this move, i hope it will take place soon..thanks for the info

  2. pendekar tanpa nama : you are most welcome

  3. Kat area masjid jamek ni mmg ramai homeless...
    Dunno if Welfare tau, baru tau, tak tau atau buat2 tak tau.. huhu

  4. zaki : homeless ok lagi, jangan homoseks...huhu

  5. A homeless pakcik pernah raba my bumper when I was not looking. Bila berpaling nak marah tak jadi sebab dah la tua, bertongkat pulak. Gelak je la...walaupun homeless namun masih ber*semangat* untuk meneruskan ke*hidup*an. Si tua itu tersenyum sampai ke telinga...

  6. Homeless but certainly not hopeless... in a way. Lol

  7. Balqis : pakcik tu terdesak tu..