Monday, January 10, 2011


If its not because of Rayzeef threatened  persuaded to join (with a bribe of 4 gorgeous babes!!), sprinting never crossed my silly mind.

Our quartet - back - ray, ijam, azhar & fiki
front : shanaz, nana, aini & mawar

But here we are at Stadium Majlis Perbandaran Selayang on a fine Sunday morning.

Yeah, my thigh still hurt from the last practice session with Ketua Reban (En Ramlan - Thanks man!).

En Ramlan (KR) (right) - he also suffering from minor hamstring

Its getting from bad to worse after warm up and stretching prior to my first sprint competition - 200m solo.

And yes, i didnt performed well at all!! I've bailed out from 100m sprint and mix relay. However, thanks to huge encouragement from my team members (Azhar, Fikir, Ray, Shanaz, Nana, Aini and Mawar) as they able to accept my failure with an open heart.

Feeling Dejected

The women team seems to get whole bunch of medals offered, yes...proud of them!! They have the look and speed to compensate.

Nana, Aini, Mawar and Shanaz

Its them again!

200metre - 2nd place - Shanaz

She's the only winner for this category - lompat bergalah (I cant remember lah..)

kami juara ke 2!!!...(photo courtesy of Rayzeef's blog)

yeah..finally the male team...2nd place for 4 x 400m

Terbaek, terbaek, terbaek!!!!...

sukannya sayeee....!!!

Bite those lips baby! - Ms Pui San was there to cheer us

having a breather until the next sprint

RBU team - thanks Ray for bringing us together!

Thanks to Mr Tey for this awesome photo...yeah!!!

Running Bloggers United (RBU) given the assurance (actually it's ray's idea) to return with a vengeance next year with more teams and more aweks (with Blackberry)..

Korang tengok la ni...a record breaking for the most frequent FB updater - every 5 minutes!!

Thanks to all team members, you guys rock!!!

Next stop, Cross Country 23 January 2011 - be there!!..


  1. dejected but not rejected :) its awesome, wish i was there !

  2. kak june : yeah, we talked about you yesterday, how i wish that you were there..

  3. eh, ko menang ape ek? :P

    err, bukan RBU - runner blogger united ka?

    ape pun, best! something different than the usual.

  4. che : aku menang sorak kot...huhu...
    pasal RBU tu, yelah...aku dah tukar, thanks man...
    next year jom!! kau pun kaki speed jugak ni

  5. Ijam it was a great events with friends, thank u for turning up and ran (few) the events, although injured.

    the girls made us proud, just remember next year i'll be in a different category, need to find 3 runners in my category next year..he he

  6. Ray : next year che dah dlm kategori kau jugak kot?..he, he...

  7. congrats RBU team...happy running, bdn fit otk cergas

  8. KR : ye betul. Nanti kita nak mintak tunjuk ajar lagi...

  9. Hancik : tu je la pembuka tirai utk 2011. Warm up je tu...wohooo!!!

  10. Dont feel bad Ijam. For first timer, you did well..bersemangat w/pun kaki sakit, salute! Next year pasang turbo, terbaik punya :)

  11. Azza : ye betul, next year nak balas dendam (bukannya laju pun)...terbaek, terbaek, terbaek...

  12. Ijam, muka dejected to macam hero hindustan, so kira ok lah tu! Hehe. Next year boleh cuba lagi bro!

  13. zaki : sebenarnya tengah tengok benda lain tu, kena candid pulak, ceh!! cross country masuk? geli2

  14. zahrin manggis : next time jom join sekali

  15. next year my category ada lagi ke? atau dah terlebih umur? hahahaahha

  16. kak june : mesti ada punya...kena join jugak

  17. power lah ijam... kat mana ada amoi, mesti kau ada ... cam fiki jugak lah

  18. syah : tak power langsung la aku. Asam di gunung ikan di darat, dlm periuk bertemu jua...cewah..