Tuesday, December 21, 2010



We have to pre-book months before this date (well, at least 2 weeks before they say). After all been taking care of (reservation, participants, transportation), we make our journey to Tmn Pertanian Shah Alam (a.k.a Taman Botani Negara) in Section 8, Shah Alam on this fine Sunday morning.

The gate opens at 8.30am. So, nothing else to do rather than waiting for the other colleague to arrive (tayar pancit la, lambat bangun la - yes, that kind of excuse).

At the entrance of Tmn Pertanian Shah Alam

There are 3 challenges at the Skytrex, Extreme Challenge - RM45-00, Big Thrill - RM40-00 and Little Adventure (for kids) - RM30-00. With a minimum 20 pax, we entitle for a 20% discount, so lagi ramai lagi murah.

Affordable entrance fee

We opt for the big thrill instead just to familiarized with what is Skytrex all about (before considering on extreme challenge next!). The Skytrex fee is excluding the Tmn Pertanian Shah Alam entrance fee, thus, you have to pay RM3-00 to get in (kalau sekali kan senang - tak payah kena beratur). Yes, we have to queue like hell to get in. For those who wish to join, please ask this skytrex to arrange the entrance fee for you.

Get your bus to skytrex here

Once we get in, we proceed to bicycle rent area where the skytrex people were standing by. This is where we will take the bus.

At the 'Rent a bike' area - 6 guys surrounded by girls...best!!

This way please

The bus journey took us about 10 minutes to reach skytrex, i think its 3 -5km from the ticket area.
The welcome banner

Once we arrived, we proceed to check in counter where they gave us this form, some sort of indemnity. We have to sign it (biasala tu..).

Medical declaration and Risk Form (suicide form!)

Once we already sign it, there will be short briefing about the harness, glove, the skytrex duration (almost 2 hours so, you better go to toilet now), the safety, the official.

We then proceed to skydeck where we deposit our bags and food. The skydeck is an area completed with wooden table. You may wait here for free but if somebody had already booked the table, you have to go somewhere else. We managed to book 2 tables (RM30 each) for the whole day (the rest occupied by birthday boy).

They also provide a locker for participants, you can put it there.

Yeah...lets rock!! err..except for Tini who is busy texting..

Everybody don't have the patient to climb (me!), we immediately proceed to 'harness give a way' area. They will call out your name and present to you the life saving harness. The official there will help you to put it on.

The harness for each of us - mine is lucky no. 34

Saat2 indah pegang harness - here my instructor adjusting the belt

After that, we proceed to a briefing instructor. This guy will take us to a 'mini' skytrex and explained the use of the harness, the pulley, the carabiner and the safety line cables.

He also demonstrated, how to properly climb, step, dodge, clip our carabiner and pulley at the cable, how to clip and unclip in sequence, how to hold and where to hold when you slide down.

So, what i learned - first, you pull the rope, clip your carabiner (both of them) to the attached ring (at the rope). Climb the stairs (if you slipped, don't worry, the carabiner which attached to your body then to the ring just now will auto-lock and let you hanging in the air).

I will be your instructor for today...

The pulley - i will help you roll

The carabiner - i will save you

Safety line cable - click on these, you will be safe

fancy glove

The 'Model in Harness'

Once you on top of the ladder, carefully transfer your pulley to the other cable (you will know), unclip one carabiner to that pulley. You are safe now, then, unclip the other carabiner from the ring, transfer it to the cable. Now you are ready to slide down - flying fox. Hold the pulley with one of your thumb inside the pulley, the other hand holding the rope, squat a little bit and push. Yeah...you're flying!!..

Ms Ong doing her thing

After we tested one by one the 'mini' skytrex, we proceed to the real challenge i.e Big Thrill Adventure.

Where its all begin

The first challenge starts with these, a 17 metre (i think) vertical climb.

properly tighten - no worries

From the top of the tree at starting point - 17 meter

2nd challenge - the net

This is how we do it

I'm one step closer to that point

Zig Zag bridge crossing

Never realize that I'm going this high

Azie, all alone!

We're getting higher!

Azie, 'this is it'

Sempat lagi berposing tu...

walking on single line cable

The most dangerous part is this one!

Balancing act

The instructor will guide you through

Wooohoo!!...flying fox

more balancing act

one step at a time, don't look down!

Lock - to prevent your 'pully' from reversing

From tree to tree

Challenges and obstacles one after another. Yet, it was fun!!...

Flying fox in action

Swing and step


lompat amoi, lompat!!

Net walking

The distance of swinging bridge

more swinging amoi

Hanim from afar

Mr Panner is flying!

Swinging - Done!

More Zig Zag


Flying fox lagi..yahoo!!

From the top of that tree, descend by stairs, then flying fox to here..

The final bridge

Gentle reminder

The 'pulley' - your life depends on it!

The descending net - congratulations, you've completed your journey

Please return your harness,

Group photo - gambar aku mesti takde punya

Hey, what do you know, its for the kids

many instructor here, don't worry

how to use the pulley

There you go...

even this small kid don't even scared

Surrounding area of little adventure

Its not that high, ada birthday party at ground level

Yet to be done!!...I will one day..

We had a great time that day. To all my friends - you all rocks!!...