Tuesday, December 7, 2010


This was my 5th Marathon and my 1st in Singapore. This was also the most kiasu marathon where i'm doing 2 marathons in 2 weeks after my last marathon - Penang Bridge Marathon.

I've been busy, lazy, hybernating tapering for 2 weeks towards Singapore Marathon. Not even a single run in order to make way of complete recovery and comeback strong.

Pre-Race Day

First set back by Airbus Shuttle bus service from KL Sentral where it had an air cond failure at Sg Besi.
2nd set back by Tiger Airways when it failed to inform the passengers that they had changed the flight schedule to an earlier flight or later. Luckily, mine which was supposed to depart at 11.55am, had been rescheduled to 2.40pm!! (hooray for Tigers - it's cheap though, RM2-00). At LCCT, I met with Ms Hui Ying (nice smile), another marathon runner who caught by surprise of the flight rescheduled.

Re-scheduling flight resulted to a delay for race pack collection at Marina Bay (I want to go there!). But to avoid a panic rush, I've called Kak June for assistance. She managed to secure my race pack after showing her compassion with the organizer. (Thanks Kak June -  I owe you one!!).

* Kak June and Chap Ayam Gang (including Ms Ruby - ehem) arrived that morning by choo choo train.

Race Day - 5th December 2010

After a brisk walked with thousand of other runners towards Orchard road, we arrived there at 4.00am. Met with other malaysian runners, RBUs and the Kenyans. Cik Suhaily (chap ayam) and azza were doing their 2nd marathon, Luckily I met with Ray and Zaki at the starting point.

wajah ceria di belakang pokok krismas

me, azza, zaki and joyful ray

Reaching 25km, piece of cake

I noticed that Singaporean is heavily possessed with wearing Asic's shoes and compression tights. I just can't keep my eyes on the amois...huhu...

This Singapore Marathon will be Rayzeef's first after a 'racun' session by fellow bloggers few weeks back. He took the bait!.

Mr Lawrence just completed Bangkok Marathon a week earlier with 4:36!

The race starts at exactly 5.00am -  and the journey begins!!. Started to jog slowly with Ray and Zaki but a moment later I break away from them to chase for 4:30 pacer. But, I never managed to see their balloons through out the entire marathon. I just managed to tag along with the 5:45 pacer.

Signboard Model - relax, long way to go...

Considering that I'm gonna take longer break at water stations and at the 'loo', and at the same time I don't want to be 'ditched' by the pacer - they don't wait for you, you know, so, I pick up my pace a little bit for a 6:00 to 6:15 minute per KM.

one of the volunteer - Yes, I can, amoi
(sad i cant take more photos around the Taman area, there lots of them!)

I must say this marathon was well organized with adequate water stations, heating rub creams, bananas (but not Shanaz - where was her?) and distance markers. I'm truly glad. Approaching the 'Taman' near the coast line (I don't know this place), its already 14km. At the same time, the kenyans were making their U-turn. I glanced at the opposite site's distance marker, it's 27th KM!!! My god! The whole 'Taman' stretch was 13KM! For those who don't know, it will be one hell of a journey, ha, ha...

Finally, its 30th KM, all cramp should emerge after this.
A word of encouragement at every distance marker

Here I met with Irwan (gigi besi) wearing a white shirt. A word 'Malaysia' printed at it's back. He's aiming for sub 5 (power!). Also met with Zaki Ultraman (chap ayam) here, he was 'lengit' at this juncture with lack of training, he claimed.

Singapore Flyer from afar

Marina Bay Sand Hotel

Runners approaching

I continued chasing for the elusive U-turn, I noticed our Mr Yim the powerman running with his vibrams (vibrams mahal la kat singapore - according to Zaki) on the opposite side. He's fast!!! (finished below 4:30 - power gila!).

From that 27th KM, I made my way slowly following the route, not forgetting to rehydrate regularly. I was carrying a 500ml bottle of mineral water mixed with camelbak salt tablets. It prevent me to stop at every water stations and drinks at uneven quantities (I think).

What do you know, Marina Barrage already - very nice scenery

At 37th KM onwards (i think), the road merged with thousands of half marathon runners who most of them were walking 'berpimpin tangan'. I'm having difficulties zig zagging which disturb my running gait and running pace. Well, better run than walk.

At 36th KM, it took me 4 hours 3 minutes
wish I could go faster for a 4:30 finish

Finally, reached the finishing arch with dignity with the time of 4:50, still sub 5....he, he...
photo taken few days after marathon...lupa nak ambik

Official Result

Ni le dia restoran Zam Zam tu..

Murtabak dgn nasi briyani dia class gitu..


  1. Terrer aaaa... tapi takpe semalam dah share secret recipe dah... hahahah

  2. Glad I could help, and u still did swell :)

  3. Thanks for my photo at your blogspot! You really good, bro...

  4. Tahniah bro.
    Simpan gambar2 amoi byk2 buat apa weh. Bukan sharing is caring ke? Hahaha

  5. tahniah ijam..siotttt buat sub-5 pon sempat posing ambik gambar lagi...

    kena belajar secret recipe dari ijam ni :p

  6. lepas ni nak cuba2 secret recipe Ijam....mana tahu boleh ikut power macam dia gak hehe. Congrats bro for an awesome timing

    p/s - eh mana pix amoi2 with compression tight?? share2 ler hehehe

  7. Aiseyy! Macam mana aku boley tak tau secret recipe mcijam nih??!!
    Anyway, congrats bro. Mantap dan power!

  8. congrats,semakin hari semakin power la lu bai

  9. Syah : Lu lagi power!! Ahad ni jangan lupa menghadirkan diri acara papan anjal

    Diket : tak nampak lu pun hari tu, yelah, ramai gila. Yg aku tau kau ngan zaki pegi makan nasi briyani ayam kat Restoran Zam2...huhu...

    Deo : secret recipe tu, tak leh bawak kubur, baik share dgn kawan2...ha, ha... hepi belated birthday bro, malam tu lupa nak bawak kek lapis ada lilin kat atas. Makan je la capati keras tu..

    Kak June masih penat duduk dlm bas : thanks kak june for your support. U nampak kurus gila dgn gaya rambut baru..

    Lawrence : hey, need to learn from you lah lawrence for sub 4.30, he, he..

    Zahrin manggis : gambar amoi sebijik je, kamera tak bawak, kategori lenggang tu patut ambik, aduh, kau tak tau betapa azab menanggung nak ambik gambar tapi tak dpt

    KD : congratulations to you too on completing your first marathon, pui san cakap berdesup sampai terjelir lidah nak kejar u...huhu

    Ray : Tahniah jugak bro, sbb berjaya complete first marathon di negara asing banyak amoi. Secret recipe tu sikit je, banyak lagi kat google

    Ziff : cuba dulu baru tahu. Mesti boleh lah. kalau brain aku boleh print gambar amoi dlm memori dia, sure banyak gila. Rugi lah..

    Zaki : woi mana kau da pagi tadi? congratulations jugak bro, walaupun kaki sakit, tapi motivation tu tetap ada (amoi pakai compression)..

    Hancik : boleh la tu, power tak jugak, setakat habis je, ni semua pasal ramai sangat amoi la ni, kat belakang ada, kat depan pun ada, meriah tu..

  10. saya tumpang berbangga dengan pencapaian cemerlang encik! tahniah jua diucapkan!

  11. Syed : ya, kita sama2 tumpang menumpang bangga. thanks man

  12. kedai zam-zam yg mahal :P congrats for another FM! one day aku join.. one day.. aku nak kalahkan korang terus.. haha..

  13. Che : apa barang one day, one day...tahun depan je terus lari

  14. podah cit ijam..kata nak masuk scsm geli2je..
    Power puh!
    Kali nik pakai super selotape lagi tak?

  15. Hi Ijam: Thanks for the mention ya! Nasib baik terserempak kamu.. kalau tak.. tertunggu-tunggu lah saya dgn Tiger Airways....
    Congrates Sub 5!!

    -Hui Ying

  16. Julin : tak pakai selaput tape tu sbb dah abis.
    hari tu cuba lari laju dulu tengok brp jauh boleh pegi atau lari sampai muntah..huhu..

    Hui Ying : hey, thanks hui ying. you did well too!!

  17. sempat lagi amik gambor amoi, sub 5 again! wow adakah anda superman yang sebenar?


  18. Jaja ayam menari tarian lilin : sub 5 tu nasib je, kalau cramp, hampeh!! takde la sub 5. Energizer jgn lupa masuk full marathon, balik boleh sembahyang subuh terus...

  19. Eh, bila masa kau letak entry ni?
    Aku tak perasan pun (ayat cover line sbb nak tulis komen pun rasa macam dah basi).

    Anyway, congrats bro.
    Rasa stim lain macam bila dapat buat PB, kan?

  20. Nik : dah berzaman dah. Lari biasa2 je marathon ni. Apa barang marathon...buat ultra la best...(gilo!)