Thursday, April 14, 2016


Twin Peak Revisit
Fraser Hill

Stage 1 – from Start to Pine Tree Peak

Distance from start to Pine Tree (1st Peak) – 4.44km
Time Taken – 1.56 hours

Stage 2 – Pine Tree to Twin Peak

Distance from Pine Tree to Twin Peak – 660 meter
Time Taken – 20 -30 minutes
Distance from Start to Twin Peak – 5.18km
Time Taken – 2.36 hrs

Twin Peak to Pine Tree – 20 Minutes
Pine Tree to start – 1.52 hrs
Total Duration  - 2.12 hrs

·         Excluding rest time

Trail difficulty – easy to moderate
Trail condition – 100% dry

Pine Tree Hill is located at Fraser Hill, Pahang, a 1 hour drive from the heart of Kuala Lumpur. GPS Coordinate : N3.71022 E101.69552.
The trail is popular among hikers and nature lover as it has two summits which are Pine Tree (1,448 meter) and Twin Peak (1,505 meter).

The distance to reach 1st peak which is Pine Tree, is 4.44km and 2nd Peak which is  Twin Peak another – 660 meter.

It will not be a complete hike if you don’t go for both peaks as the duration from Pine Tree peak to Twin Peak is only 660 meter, of which it will only take about 20 to 30 minutes.

The trail is clear and obvious in case you are wondering whether navigation is an issue as you will be following the same trail in and out.

On safety issue, there are no case of wild animal or life threatening occurred here. There are also other group of hikers on the track especially on weekends, as such, there will somebody to attend to your needs in case of emergency.

The Pine Tree trail also being used for a more extreme hike to Gunung Semangkuk, 11km in distance (one way) using the same starting point as Pine Tree.

On Health point of View especially on weight loss, Twin Peak hike which took up almost 3 hours one way and another 2 hours plus return, I lost almost 2kg (fluid loss only I think).

You may park along the road side but remember the etiquette, not to block other vehicle or taking more space other than needed. 

The rest of the story will be elaborated using illustration as follows :

Start your engine...!

Breather stop - 2.46km at 54 minutes

The last water point...a signage that there is a water source down below, however, it is not safe for consumption.

The infamous Pine Tree Hill - 80 degree climb..kacang, just take your time. Be careful though. 

1st summit (Pine Tree Hill)

Climbed 4.44km, 1.57 hours at 9.17am
Rested about 20 minutes here

The trail just after the 1st summit. It's totally dry compared to last time I visited here with muddy trail.

Yay..finally...! Reached the summit

5.18km to Twin Peak from start, 2.35 hours
at 9.57am

Err..the altitude according to Suunto is 1441 meter...

Keep Calm and Hug a wood

Pine Tree Hill - 1, Ijam - 0

Only 2.12 hours descending with a total of 5.09km in distance

Yay! another mountain conquered!

You can head down straight to nearby playground for a shower, toilet break and a nice carbo laden food & hot drinks.

I will be missing this trail soon after.

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