Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Done in 5 hour 2 minutes!!

Day 1

Arriving at the airport approximately at 8.00am (thai time). We have been swarmed by transportation dude who offered their services. We managed to booked a van for 12 of us, the cost was 900 baht (RM90-00), so, one person only RM7.50...weohoo!! (the actual cost for a taxi to Laguna is a whopping 600 baht @ RM60-00!). Better share.

fast dude, me, irwan, KA and pui san

At the airport with the 'Kaki Runners'

Sir, there is no one by the name of Mc Ijam here...

Race site - with a lake view..oh yes..

The shuttle service, they will be at your service anytime..thumbs up!

It's hot.. 

Nothing much to do at the hotel as the room wasn't ready, so, we head on to the race site for bib collection.

The barrier

The finishing arch

Mr Tay chit chatting with running friends

The 'deposit machine' - Nice isn't it?

 TNF Bangkok? first time next year..hmm..(the currency is not too 'situation critical' like Singapore)

The collection process took us only 5 to 10 minutes, less crowded and very pleasant atmosphere.
At 12.00pm, we checked in at the hotel, hooray!

Well, nothing much to do here accept swimming..(blah). We make our way to Patong Town for lunch. The taxi cost us 600 baht (RM60-00) one way to Patong, my advice : better share, rent a car/motorbike (35 minutes journey) or plan your trip wisely.

 Our taxi : No wonder the taxi fare cost us that much, the 4 wheeler got lcd tv !!..

 Subway at Jungceylon

 Patong walkabout

 Famous shopping complex in Patong

 Mat salleh Rempit

 I need this once in a while

 Unique bar

 Wooden House

 Hard Rock - yeah

 Hard Rock

Tsunami warning signboard

Day 2 - Race Day 
Race started at 4.30 am. Laguna Hotel Club is just less than a kilometer from race site, but there's shuttle 'tuk-tuk' for our convenience for marathon runners as early as 3.30am.
william cheah, KA, Sam, Misni and me
(photo by sasha farina)

 misni, azizi, william cheah and sam
(photo by sasha farina)

irwan, azizi and me
(photo by sasha farina)

with an extra face - Mr Yim with his vibram.
(photo by sasha farina)

with Kak J and YKK
(photo by sasha farina)

photo by sasha farina

photo by misni

KA - all for a good cause
(photo by sasha farina)

 Our perfect team, taking picture is a must.
Pui san, Yim, Carrie, KA, Mohan, Sofian, me and misni at the starting line

 It was pitch dark to capture photo earlier, until at the 13th Km..

 Slower pace was the best strategy if you don't have sufficient training..mueh, heh heh..

It was an uphill running  baby..

 Approaching national park

 18km and still strong. There's a beach in the background..ah..sorry for the low quality phone camera

The road was all ours on that day...yeah...

 U turn at 20km (kot) where I met Irwan...fuh..power!!

my 'banana split' half marathon time..yeah..i put my heart rate monitor on and its pumping like crazy!!

99.99% accurate!! (24.99km) Garmin watch..can't run without it..

 I'm starting to crumble!!..

I got only 7 km left and with target pace of 7 minutes per km, I can still make it sub 5 hour.

and..maybe not!! I'm all burned out!!

The remaining 2.195km was the toughest.I can't lift my feet properly, my energy level had plummeted to the lowest level. I ran and walked towards the end, the scorching sun was no mercy. Pouring an ice cold water onto your body will dried out in a chippy.

Wohoo!! No sub 5 this worries..
Thanks Mr Tay...

Proud to be Malaysian. Sub 5 Duo...KA and Irwan

Day 3 - Last Day

Return back to Patong for a nice massage

Warning Sign in the taxi. They read my mind on the first one..ceh..

Caught in a mess - there was this buzzing sound at their electrical pole..scary..

 The rempit dude with red and pink helmet

4 guys on a busy street of Patong..

 Tuk-Tuk service

Local Delicacy - Mango in sticky Rice with coconut milk.

Massage Parlour - RM25-00 per hour

Sanitary Napkin vending machine

Tshirt specially made for tourist..he, he..

3D potrait in a glass cube..awesome!! (Big - RM100-00, Small - RM40-00)

Great experience in Phuket. Nice place to visit for holiday maker. Doesn't have the time (and baht) to go island hopping, Simon cabaret, tiger show, fantasea..etc....huhu...

Leaving Phuket with precious memories!


  1. welcome back Ijam! ingat dah jadi ayam pencen! he he

  2. belum lagi pencen, cuma takde masa nak hapdate je..

  3. Gambar akuarium mana dude??? Gambar no. 3 tu kau posing ikut gaya siapa? Selly Selina jugak ke? Hehehe

  4. husband day care centre? hmm i am very pique abt it, apa jer yang dia care ek? hahahah ..seems like fun and your timing is what i wish i have as my pb :) congrats !!

  5. Yelah, pose kau no 3 tu aku mushkil skit la... apa dah jadik ni bro kat phuket ni hahaha

  6. congrats. enjoy eh? rest well utk event 25hb.. haha.. :P welcome back.

    cute ah abg KA dgn helmet pink. tu patut bg abg misai pakai lagi cute :P

  7. Deo : akuarium takde, tak sempat nak survey dgn KA..kah, kah...Gambar tu posing masih lagi gaya selly selina..mueh heh heh..

    Kak June : husband kat sini dia pakaikan pampers..takut kencing malam..

    Zaki : tak dapat yang dalam aquarium, post ni mahal ni...

    Daud : eh dapat ke slot tu?..KA dgn abg misai nak cari awek thai dgn awek russia..ha, ha..

  8. oh seperti menarik event ini... nak ajak Rubylah masuk next year. Congrats Ijam, see you at SCKLM :)

  9. Aini : memang best gila!! masuk lah tahun depan..
    SCKLM, here we come..

  10. Lama betul sepi. Secret training & secret race rupanya. Kagum beb.

    Soalan : Macam mana boleh takde gambar kat beach ni? Sure simpan sorang ni. Hahaha.

  11. Diket : secret training apa kebendanya kalau timing tak cukup dan tak betul..keh, keh..
    Jawapan : biar malu-malu, biar segan-segan...

  12. Perghhhh I really enjoyed this Phukeng post ;-)

  13. Bunny : ha, apa lagi jom le..

  14. Ok tapi kalau Bunny ikut Ijam bawak pegi tengok cabaret, tiger show pre/post run ok...kita layan sampai mual yahooo...