Monday, September 13, 2010


Mount Nuang (Malay: Gunung Nuang) is located in Malaysia with the height of 1,493 metres (4,898 ft). Its peak borders Pahang dan Selangor state. The mountain itself is the highest point in Selangor and part of the Titiwangsa Mountains.

There are three hiking routes to the peak and all of them were built by Malaysian Department of Wildlife and National Parks. Two of them start in Selangor; one at Kuala Pangsoon in Hulu Langat and another at Kampung Kemensah in Gombak. The third path originates from Bukit Tinggi in Bentong, Pahang. Genting Highlands is visible at night from the peak.
source : wikipedia
GPS Coordinate : N3 13.053 E101 52.958

Manual Navigation : From Leisure Mall Cheras, drive towards the Kajang hwy. You will pass a TOLL. First exit after the toll will take you to Hulu Langat or Pekan Batu 9 if you keep left. Turn on your left before you reach the traffic light where a police station is on your right. From this point, just follow the sign board indicating Gunung Nuang. It's 24km from here.

The Progressive Outdoor Run (POR) had been established in Ian's blog and Yim's Blog, go and click.

Destination/Target : to get as far as kem pacat and back safely

Mine is the fun side of it with lots of photos...enjoy....

I'm proud where i am....

a little bit of drama where i am - Located at Banjaran Titiwangsa

4 crazy dudes - respect the hills, me with my trustworthy adidas a.k.a 'funkeong shoes wannabe'

mueh, mueh..heh..heh...- sound of me (starting part is the most reluctant)

It's 7.15am (sort of)

physco hill!

the 'stone plus dirt plus dead leaves plus dead bugs' trail

Doris and her dude is turning back from 1st! (yellow shirt in the background)

make way for TNF runners!
Bai : 'jalan dulu adek, saya slow jugak'

i can do this even with my eyes closed! kacang...

yim passing through at one of the 'loop hole'

practice that butt yim...

hah..we made it!!..the steering wheel not meant for cendol or ABC at this point

all the way down...(try to get my foot at the edge...this is as far as i can go..huhu)

you see? mercy...bottomless waterfall of death

tranquility...but dont drink it, beware of melioidosis and leptospirosis (rat's urine)

one of the group

the contractor who made this hut or 'mini' dam sure did one hell of a job to get all those items here...

continue uphill from kem Lolo

balancing act with our 'moderator' - ian

beware! pacat is camping nearby...

Ian was kind enough to be the last hiker...thanks ian

Running downhill - the scorching sun can't get us...

We reached 'kem pacat' finally!
somebody has been feeding the 'pacat' with these...

This was our stop. You can see the trail going up to the summit...well, not directly to the summit actually..

Ian - doing the indigenous tribe is a must...

i was wrong, he is photographing a rare stone

owh...i understand, having our kodak moment like this is..priceless...
(photo courtesy of Ian)

having a chat with other group of climbathon-syah asked about the funkeong shoes the walking stick help?

our moderator is testing the water for 'mandi wajib' ceremony...

let's get the hyporthermia going...its freezing cold!
(photo courtesy of Ian)

2nd torture run/hike till we die Progressive Outdoor Run (POR) will be on this Thursday 16 September 2010 at FRIM. Be there!!
Thanks for viewing....


  1. Pergghhhhh kasut Fung Keong hang tuh dasyat tul. Leh naik Nuang dan turun lagi. Best best. Jom FRIM Khamis nih, leh mandi manda sekali lagi :D

  2. Well done la. Mana gambor Moroccan Lamb? Sure tak sempat capture.

  3. Yim : Maybe akan pegi...mandi sungai tu penting...

    Diket : kodak abis la...ciss...tapi lamb dah jadi beef...dok pulun sakan....

  4. best but lucky i was not around if not i go will slow u all down aje :)

  5. Kak June : i like both, fast &, mcm double meaning, dah balik kl ke?

  6. hahah ijam funny lah u .. yeah back in port klang last nite :)

  7. kak June : ni apa identiti gambar profile tukar2 ni..? kejap mcm ni, kejap mcm tu....tapi ok jugak, tukar2 ni...

  8. ijam i always enjoyed your entries hehehe eventhough outdated. looks like its a great run!

  9. nadia : legs hurt like 'toot'...
    will not be joining them at FRIM tomorrow most probably but im geared up for this sunday at Kinrara with Yim...join us?...

  10. wah pelari Elite sudah lari naik gunung, sudah jauh ketinggalan...bila nak buat lari ni?

  11. RAy : ahad ni le, dgn yim kat kinrara...

  12. ijam takkan lari berdua dgn yim je??? he he

  13. ray : ikut bontot yim je kat situ..huhu...

  14. cambest je naik gunung, last skali panjat gunung tahun 2006, taktau la larat lg ke tak...

  15. Another photographer-runner in action! Good job!
    Camera apa lu pakai? Takleh masuk air ke?

    P/s: for Genting Trailblazer ni, dah tempah costume clown baru ke?

  16. nije : ni bukan setakat panjat gunung, lari sekali. Tak ke putus urat...aduh...

    Nik : camera murah je, pakai kodak lagi tu..
    Genting trailblazer ni, pakai cawat tp tak pakai baju

  17. Pakai cawat tak pakai baju? Elok laa tuh. Partner hang pulak pakai baju tak pakai cawat! Huhu kelasss gitu