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The lifespan of a battery will vary considerably with when it is activated, how it is used, how it is maintained and re-charged, temperature, and other factors.

In extreme cases, it can vary to extremes - we have seen automotive batteries killed in less than a year by severe overcharging. We have seen automotive batteries destroyed without ever being used in less than a year because they were left sitting in a hot garage without being charged.

There are so many variables, such as depth of discharge, maintenance, temperature, how often and how deep discharged, etc. that it is almost impossible to give a fixed number
- taken from the internet.

During my 5th car service in early September 2015, I did asked the technician on how is my battery condition. Is it still ok. The technician said that, it depends - sometimes the battery can go up to 2 years, sometimes they don't. However, he gave me a tip - whenever your car has a funny 'jerk' or abnormal sound during the ignition process, it may indicate you battery is almost out (and funny also they don't use a mechanical tool to test the battery performance...ceh).

2 weeks after the service, I did encounter the above scenario - the car having a little bit of difficulty to start when the key was turned on, but it still start. The next morning, the battery dies. My mileage during that time was 51,000km.

My 1.5 years Exora bold "maintenance free" car battery has finally succumbed to the high mileage and could not sustain the ageing.

The cost for a new maintenance free cost me about RM270-00 (don't care what brand la - it's an emergency).

In comparing with my former 5 year old Naza Ria, it has come to a point that the alternator need to be changed. So, pay attention for car user who has more than 5 years car.

I also discovered that there was a leakage of green colour coolant at the piping area link to the radiator.
Visit to the workshop found out that one of the piping hose has loosen up due to the heat. What they did was cutting the hose at the tip a bit and put it back on and sealed it with a special glue. cost me RM20 for the workmanship.

All I can say is that after 1.5 years driving Proton Exora Bold, without any major repair except periodic maintenance service every 10,000km, now it has embark on a journey that the benefit has been over and it will generate cost to repair for wear and tear parts. pocket..

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