Monday, August 13, 2012


Bukit Broga, also known as 'Bukit Lalang', after the local species of grass that grows abundantly here, is a hill in Semenyih, about 40 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur. It can be reached a short distance after the University of Nottingham, where the entrance trail starts from an oil palm estate facing a rabbit park across the road.

Broga Hill was my training ground in preparation for The North Face 100km Singapore (Oct 2011) and Thailand (April 2012) - The North Face (TNF) is an endurance trail run where you're running for long hours (7 hours plus..die!).

At the beginning point. You will be greeted by this signage.
A total of 5km only. Piece of cake

I've been in Broga Hill for countless time and mostly for leisure. And today, Gunung Tok Wan is my story. I've only been in Gunung Tok Wan twice. In order to get to Gunung Tok Wan, first you need to conquer Broga Hill.

Preparation - What Do You Need

1) Health - you may need this one. 
2) Shoes - wear sport shoes (mine is Brooks Cascadia 6 -  old already - as per photo)
3) Hydration - fluid (plain water of no less than 1.5litre for Gunung Tok Wan, 500ml to 1 litre for Broga Hill)
- mine using High Sierra 2.0 litre hydration pack (RM140-00) as pe photo
4) Food - source of energy - dry food like buns, chocolate or energy bar sufficient for 1 person
5) Basic Medical Kit - for minor cut (band aid), deep cut (gauze and band aid)
6) Optional - face towel, cap, shade


On top of first hill out of 3 
One of my many trips to Broga Hill

 My friend with his daughter

You may decend like this if you have to

My Son and Daughter - first hill - tired already

On the way to 2nd hill

you can observe the majetic fog like this if you're lucky

The decesding predicament - hang on to the rope

On top of the summit...yeah...its only 400 metre...ceh..!

This is the new signage at the summit, the old one had been scrapped due to vandalism and an eyesore because too many 'I was here' graffity.
It will take 45 minutes to 1 hour to get here depends on your fitness level and the queue, Yes, you need to wait for your turn to climb. There are 2 ways up here, by using the rope and squeeze your way through a stone gap, the other just a climbing. Both also will give you physical challenge.

Reaching the summit is the end of your Broga Hill's hike. Now, the toughest part, Gunung Tok Wan.
Somewhere at the Broga Hill's summit, you will find a trail path (jungle path). This is the entrance.
Make your way inside the forrest. Oh, by the way, you should not go alone, bring a company at least 2.
The jungle is kind of scary on certain part, sound of it's residence would give you the shiver. But dont worry, nothing will go wrong.

"On my first attempt, I got stung by a hornet (I think) and we were not even half way yet, we had to turn back"

The journey to Gunung Tok Wan will take us 2 hours average, and another 2 hours return. Just be patient.
The trick is to follow the trail, it had been used too many times by known adventurers and it should not confuse you.

 Previously there was a sign indication to Gunung Tok Wan like this

The guy who will never quit.
This guy has been invited during our stop at Broga Hill an hour ago, he took up our challenge. I couldn't remember his name. But he was one tough dude. He got his leg cramped too many times but he soldiered on. (if not, he will hold us back).

At one of the stop - The big rock
 Reaching here is a half way indication. Take a rest. Shoot a photo. Have a drink or snacks. It's a long way ahead.

What to expect in this jungle :
Mostly covered, Averagely dark and with shade.
Visual : green
Audio : the sound of you chatting with your friend, your feet stepping on the dry leaves, loud decible sound from a kind of tree insect and and a very long loud sound which I think its a monkey (kind of).
Terrain Condition : damp course mix with tree root, hill and downhill route, some part requires extra careful when going down, certain portion of uphill may requires your pulling strength.
Chances of Bumping other climbers : 2 to none

from left : Ridzuan (Dr) and onother guy who took our challenge, he is UITM student.

It seems that somebody had been camped here...ugghh...scary! It's dark, quiet and middle of nowhere.

The cramp is in progress
At one of the 'countless climb' section. Be prepared for a tough and long duration of ascending and descending terrain. Just drink enough water and sufficient rest, you should be ok.

wohoo! 100 metres to go...the person who made this sign sure make us happy. Kudos to him/her.


Buffet at the top
The advertisement of a Buffet -which had been brought here by previous climber maybe they use it as a shelter - it's water proof kind of material. Hey, don't just leave it idle on the ground, we should might as well hang it.

'It was a tough course for an old man like me' - En Suhaimi (dr)
Me : but En Suhaimi, I've never been to Gunung Ledang like you did' :p

Taking a break

Free and easy
Gunung Tok Wan's summit is just a few metres of flat ground surrounded by trees...and that's it! No scenic view, no horizon to look through and no admiring the sea or whatsoever.
The torture that you had endured earlier was a  true grit that you might remember for a long time.

2 hours of journey and it came to an end.
This photo was taken from my first expedition.
Make sure you take you photo here otherwise your friend will not belive that you've conquered Gunung Tok Wan in 4 hours.

The total journey from foot hill of bukit broga to Gunung Tok Wan took us 2 hours 45 minutes x 2 (return).
You might plan your expedition carefully.
Thanks for reading.


  1. where exactly is the entrance to gunung tok wan?i cant find it anywhere on broga hill :(

    1. It's a small trail covered by thick bushes just behind the big rock at the broga's summit. The signboard I think has long gone.