Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This will be my 5th Marathon. I maybe a moderate runner clocking sub 1 hour in 10km (ala..ramai dah boleh buat dah)...SUB 2 hour in Half Marathon (ceh...lagi ramai dah buat..apa barang...)...but never, repeat...NEVER SUB 5 hour or NOT EVEN close to SUB 4 hour!!!

I envy admired those who completed sub 5 hour marathon especially friends around me like ehem...(in no particular orders and no bad intention)...Diket, Nik, Ian, Syed, Shanaz (kot), Syuk, Syahsully, Nizam dan lain2...(just to name a few..nak mention semua mampus la aku...). They have been one hell of a powerful runners in town!! (Tabik Spring!!!)

I've been running since Dr Mahathir as a Prime Minister, better yet, Anwar Ibrahim also there...
I should develop some sort of mighty prowess to sustain the torture during the marathon...but NO..because previously I dont do marathon. The longest was Half Marathon. Then, the Marathon thingy just pop out of my 'serabut' mind. My first Marathon was SCKLM in 2009, 2nd in Putrajaya Marathon, 3rd in Energizer Night Marathon and 4th in Gold Coast 'Sepang' 2010. All the marathons I would suffer after 30th km (except in Gold Coast Sepang), the cramp at leg muscles caused me to walked...(hey, at least i'm moving...).

What went wrong? lack of training?..Nutrition? Lack of mileage per week? Lack of amoi motivation? 

The answer is...all of the above...
Yes,  "preparing for a marathon, after all, is no easy thing. It is a big, big time commitment, and for most it demands vast amounts of energy - physical, mental and emotional. The pay-off, of course, is equally enormous. Enhanced strength and confidence are the treasures reaped by all marathon athletes, whatever their ability. Running a marathon is not something to be done lightly or without adequate preparation. It requires seriousness and dedication." (copyright ni)

Until this day I shall never underestimate 42km!! Respect the distance...

So, here are my plans :

1) Run Smart  - berpakaian kemas, rambut sikat tepi, seluar atas pusat?..NO....You should start slow, at least for the first 10km to 20km. Which previously I ignored (sort of..bukannya laju pun aku...then i suffered at 30th Km onwards...)

2) Train Smart - juga bukan berpakaian kemas semasa training...NO...instead of only long distance run (which i only did that in my trainings...alamak malu la mengaku..), the training shall include Fartlek (for speed and pace), Hills (for strength), Tempo Run (for speed and pace), Interval (for speed), The Long Run (for endurance) and Easy Run (recovery). I knew this already, but where got time to train (alasan..)

3) Eat Smart - bukan makan ikan hensem atau ayam hensem..NO..instead of just carbo load (which i did previously...melantak nasik dengan Ikan je..a week before race)...take supplement like glucosamine...take ORS few days before the race (Ultra Nik's advice) ..yang lain2 rahsia but halal food....

4) Hydrate Smart - beli camelbak yang baru...NO...during run i should drink bit by bit the electrolyte...and not to drink when you feel thirsty (a sign of dehydration). That is why i will bring my hydration pack this time around and see how it goes...(buang air atas jambatan la aku..). It will also get rid of muscle cramp or at least delay it a little bit...

5) Mental Smart - bersihkan otak selalu, kotor sangat tu...NO...(YES?)...Pray......the almighty will give you strength!!...They say the last 10 km you will run with your mind...(my mind shuts down last time), tune up the volume of your MP3!!

There you go....simple plan. Remember : "Long Runs and Mileage will get you to the finish line,
Intensity in your training will get you to the finish line faster".

The secret plan :
Pace Yourself!!

2) A Little Encouragement

3) The Motivation I Need

Tshirt designed by Ijam & Gabbana (I & G)

And finally, I wish good luck to all runners for the upcoming Penang Bridge Marathon especially Full Marathoner i.e Me (ehem..), Zaki otoromen, Yim back to back mania, Zahrin Manggis, Shanaz the gorgeous, Doc Julin Nasi Ayam, Pui San the TNF, KD the Newton Jelir and Nadia tolldoll (maybe)....Half Marathoner i.e Deo (oi..dah boleh buat full la), Ray (superman) with a message "apa barang half marathon"..

Attention to fellow Regular Bloggers United (RBU) !- Kak June will open a 'Kedai Runcit' at 30th or 35th km in the middle of nowhere at the Jambatan Pulau Pinang. Start ordering your 'roti telur kuah banjir' now...Thanks Kak June!!

Bocor Rahsia : 'The Kiasu award' goes to Yim - Powerman 14/11/2010, Full Marathon 21/11/2010 (Penang), Full Marathon 5/12/2010 (singapore)...- nasib baik takde back to back punya race...

'The Half Kiasu award' goes to Zaki & Me - Full Marathon Penang and Singapore...ngeh, ngeh, ngeh..


Received my race kit today.

Get ready!!


  1. Alaaa Ijam, kau tetap hangat meletops lah PBIM nanti. Resepi rahasia apa kau nak bawak dlm hydration pack tu nanti? Next time, aku nak bawak bubur ayam McD dalam hydration pack aku hehehehe... good luck, jumpak kat Line Clear, no!

  2. congrats Ijam..sub 5 apa barang! sub 4:30 la..hi hi

    aik Zarin buat HM ke?

  3. Wahh..good luck in attempting the sub 5...bole ba tu

  4. deo : harap2 boleh buat la...kalau tak boleh aku nangis atas jambatan tu. Bubur ayam tu susah sikit nak sedut kalau ayam dia besar2...kena bawak sudu...Line clear kita belasah lunch masa hari sabtu tu..

    Ray : sub 4.30 nak kena enjet pil perangsang. Zahrin rasanya kot buat HM,

    KD : insyaallah..berdasarkan pd plan. Kaki ni tak tau lagi...I dgn pui san kot nak attempt sub 5..he, he...

  5. Hahahaha, lawak-lawak!! Aku dgn konfidennya merasa kau akan dpt sub 5 hr kat PBIM. Pace notes pun dah ready tu :D. Kena plak ada awek yg nak RUB YOU.mencanak nanti tu bang hahaha

    Nota kaki - Aku x pergi Penang, nak buat LSD for SCSM kat KL ni jer. Zarin buat Full kat Penang.

  6. Ziff : huhu...takutnya aku...senggugut dah datang dah ni...pace note tu kena tampal kat dahi, lari mcm zombie tak kenal sapa2, lepas tu tak rasa penat pun...ha, ha..
    Thanks for the update bro...zahrin buat full ye..boleh cangkuk mamat ni...

  7. hahaha, baju terhangat di pasaran...

    Good luck bai...

  8. Well done bro. Preparing to do is one half of doing it. You should be able to do it lah. Aiseh! Aku rasa kau tak payah prepare pon boleh bikin laa sub5!
    p/s: I think Ian pon masuk kategori half kiasu gak la...

  9. Syah : kau tak masuk mcm mana nak mencangkuk, at least kena cangkuk mamat TNF dulu...huhu...
    aku ngan zaki tahun depan..ha, ha..

    Zaki : mintak2 la boleh, nak mencanak tak boleh time tu sbb diket dah ambik gelaran tu...power dgn speed pun tak boleh, syah dah ambik...
    kita kasi pulun 42km tu..yeahhh!!!

  10. patut la tersedak aku tadi.

    aku masuk Fun Race empat round le. hahaha
    kau nak mencangkuk aku buat apa. tak de maknanya. aku kat belakang kau.

    mmg pasang niat sub-5, tp lutut aku ni mcm nervous semcm je. aiya. at least kalau beat aku nye 5:39 pun kira ok la kan? :)

    kau dulu lari kat GC tu amik2 gambar ngan amoi pun dah 5:07 ke apa. sikit je tu.

  11. Tsar Manggis : takpe kita sama2 pasang sub 5 dulu, tak kira dapat ke tak, asalkan boleh abis...
    yelah, julin julai tu pun buat full tu...power!!

  12. Tahniah dah masuk kelab Rub Me Ijam! Pasti leh sub 5 nanti kalau rub lelama tuh

  13. wah race kit sudah dapat! ijam besh la engko punya race kit dapat spek dan keta mainan hu

  14. alah..sub 5 dalam tangan je tu Ijam..nak motivate lagi? target nak buat subuh kat finishing line.

  15. wah...ur t-shirt damn terror la!!!
    I nak ambik gambar dgn shirt u la!!!!

    I jugak aiming for 4:59:59!!!!!!

  16. hahaah this is so the very kelakar, u will do fine, sub-5 , 4:59:59 anytime bro !! and yes kedai runcit ada .. akan keluar announcement lagi dua tiga hari hehehe

  17. IJam,
    If i may add...

    1) Run with a 4:45 pace note or anything faster. It will give u some kind of target for every 5km or 10km and even if u started to walk-run-walk at 35km point, u may still be able to do sub-5.

    2) Fatigue may also come from overheated body. Drinking alone may not be enough for some people. Don't be shy to cool down your head and upper body (at sponging or water stations, but don't over do it if u don't like to run with wet shoes), even though u r running in the cool morning. Cooler body temp may push the fatigue away. Start this earlier before u reach 22k or 25k. U ever wonder why many average people can run faster in cooler weather?

    3) Don't ignore the warm up session. U should already be sweating a bit by the time u r waiting for the flag off. Your engine must be warm enough at the starting line as u'll be kicking off following the 4:45 pace note (or anything faster), which is not a lenggang kangkung pace.

    Lastly, if you believe u can do sub-5, insyaAllah u can do it. Stay focus.
    Good luck!

  18. Yim : kah, kah...a little bit clown act there...marathon is sometimes kind of boring..running atas jambatan lurus, gelap, nothing to see...can't take photo also...ceh...
    Thanks Yim the powerman

    Ray : tak lupa juga telephone dgn cellophane tape tu..ha, ha...

    Doc Julin : yes doc, target je tu sub 5...i ingat nak sembahyang sebelah imam nanti..

    Doc Pui san : ok kita jumpa di sana. We will run together geder until vomit blood...

    Kak June :, target!!!...thanks kak june bukak kedai runcit cawangan penang bridge...
    yahoo...boleh minum 2 kali!!...ada signage tak indicate 'June's Kedai Runcit'?

  19. Nik : fuhh...good advice and tips from the ultra!!...but 4:45 pace?...gilo!..
    taking bath with ice water and dancing cak pong for warming up, got it!!...Thanks nik...ehem...tak masuk ke? nak cangkuk ni...

  20. maybe i should add 'looking at the moon' to calm me down...heh..heh...(yelah...lari dah la pagi, gelap, hitam, pekat, melekat)

  21. All the best bro. With 5 marathons in the pocket, I trust you should be fine with this one. Too bad I'll be missing the camarederie with fellow RBU. Perhaps next year.

    p/s. Don't forget nuun tablet. It helps when you sip half of it when cramps start creeping in.

  22. Nik,
    Thanks for the notes, aku bookmark dah page ni nanti 2012 nak buat sub 4:45 aku nak baca balik.

    Mana nak dapat Nuun tablet tu?

    Kau menyalak sikit bila nampak bulan mengambang tu... auuuuwwwwww..... auuuuwwwww..... auuuuwwwww.....

  23. Diket : hopefully...semua runners power2 takde susah sikit nak cangkuk...aku harap yim je la ni...
    The nuun (wau ha lam alif) table will be replaced by camelbak tablet - melegakan dgn satu tablet sahaja...
    will take note, thanks man..

    Deo : masa hari sabtu tu, pegi kat race pack collection melambak org jual kat situ...aku pun nak tangkap power gel ni...

  24. Ijam, ko cangkuk je si Karen, pasti laju nooo, leh sub 5 lagi occay. Aku lari santai je, sub 6 udah lah. nak save energy tuk scms lah, tak larat den

  25. Aku sepak hang kat kedai runcit kak June sure hang sub-5 punya lah Ijam ....hahaha!

  26. Yim : aisey...karen pun karen lah...janji amoi. Tapi i secretly lari behind you in case you change your mind..ha, ha...

    KA : ok jugak tu...kedai kak june 7 km je dari finishing...apalah sangat...abis bontot aku...