Thursday, August 12, 2010


Pity to them who can't make it for 'berbuka puasa' on the first day of Ramadhan. I know your tummy had a difficult time to adjust of 'no food' least you can eat...

For those who complaint..please consider these..:
Think about the patient in hospital and down with dengue for you think they feel like eating? what about their parents, do they feel like eating too?, 

Imagine to those poor child who are waiting for their parents to bring food for berbuka puasa - if there is any, 

Considering child orphans who only rely on their caretakers (- and donations) for food...,

The elderly at 'rumah kenangan', how do they feel about berbuka puasa after being left by their children? what do they think about Raya?)

Considering people who had just lost loved one recently, is Raya meaningful to them?

One of the reason above, I've been there!

Just a little mind game for you to think...

Quest to pick up my Princess Fiona

entering the mid valley motorcycle lane

behind commuter station at Mid Valley

touch down, back at Federal Highway..

80km per hour!!

There's jam but elsewhere 

Federal highway towards KL - no jam lah..

At puduraya interchange

Traffic police who sacrificed to ensure that people like us able to get home for berbuka puasa.
Thanks a, when you will let us pass through?

A gentle reminder from me, please don't attempt this 'motorbike snapping' unless you are a professional stunt rider (like me..ehem..)

ah...reached my mother's home finally,with a ample time to spare before berbuka...
 as you can see the 'pasar juadah' is full with hungry people..with 'borong sampai habis' attitude..

Today's story - pulak

This morning, I end up with punctured tyre!! pushing away this 80kg motorbike was considered my LSD (with more concentration at both my arm)...huhu... 

This 'apek' trying to change the tube and as you can see my tyre had 'botak' already.

This 'Sin Sheng' workshop had been my life saver in case of motorbike breakdown along federal highway.
As i can remember, first i visited this workshop with my first new RG Sport 110 (racing punya..) back in 1995.
Thanks 'apek' for being there...