Monday, March 15, 2010


Have you ever heard of the word "Bareno"? Me too, what the 'hec' is 'Bareno'? Later i found out that 'Bareno' is a vendor for lavatory accessories, quite expensive. "We have a lifetime warranty" said the guy clad in the green colour T-shirt promoting the product.

Well, dont bother about the product, i'm here to RUN. Before stepping out from my car, few things to check : Vest - check, running bib - check, stretchable 'pacesetters' running short and panties (a must) - check, my old Adidas supernova shoes (1 year plus already) - check, Running Sock (power brand) - check. I'm good to go.

Blasting sound at exactly 7.00am and everybody running like there is no tomorrow especially the elite runner infront. Not to forget runners who wants to be an elite runner also starting to speed at this point. But later slowed down after few kilometres. Met with 'The Singh" (from Klang) after 3km of running, this is his 2nd run for this year (previously in Putrajaya Night Marathon (21km). At 5th KM met with Khairul Chap Ayam, he run fast, try to follow him. Succeed....but he slowed down after 8th KM, no energy 'la tu'.

The rest of KM i'm all are few pictures i took with my handphone.

Cheering for runners....

1 hour 23 minutes and 46 second. Placed me at 103th position. Not Bad. The mileage is 14.82km short of  18 metres. Result of taking short cut at traffic lights and corners..he, he, he...

Caught while having sweet, creamy and tasty cendol. My long time runner friend. Met with him in Penang Bridge Marathon last year. Dissappointed with the long queues...oh cendol...sob...

Dissapointment number two : long queue at MILO station.

Group picture. Taman Tasik Permaisuri Running gang. Dont say old, much more experience. They all defeated me yesterday except one, which one? extreme left or right?...surprise?...Elite marathon runner clad in finisher tshirt 42km holding the milo cup. Elite runner no. 2, wearing the finisher medal.
Most of them will take part in 42km Energizer Night Marathon next 2 weeks. All the best!!!

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