Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Bukit Apek via Cheras Bukit Hatamas

Summary of Hike
Parking to Bukit Apek - 1.56km in 32 minutes
Bukit Apek to Waterfall - 1.6km in 27 minutes

Total hike : 3.1km in 2 hours plus minus (one way)
6.2km in almost 4 hours (return)

Starting Point
Gps coordinate of the starting point

Top of Bukit Apek

In 32 minutes, 1.5km from parking

From top of Bukit Apek, please turn right

Yay! Waterfall

From bukit Apek to Waterfall : 1.5km in 28 minutes 
From Parking to Waterfall : 3.1km in 1 hour
Trail condition : dry
Trail difficulty : moderate hard

Happy Hiking

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