Sunday, November 17, 2019

DEWAN BANDARAYA KUALA LUMPUR (DBKL) - How To Claim for Your Damage Car

Last may 2019, my car hit a steel fence while travelling along Jalan Kerinchi near KL gateway.
Apparently the steel fence had lost its grip from its axis and half of the fence is leaning towards the road lane.
As a result on the collision, my car suffered a deep dent at the fender and a long, deep scratch mark from the front part all the way to the back.
Adviced from a friend to try claiming the car damage from DBKL - as the area falls under dbkl jurisdiction and most of the amenities maintain by them.

The culprit - Hit this steel fence. 

Deep scratch mark all the way to the back

The sketch plan the road that I'm using, the accident spot and where i'm heading

I called dbkl, getting my call pass here and there, because i got to understand that certain case or scenario falls under different department.
I can't remember the exact dept i being directed to. I was adviced to submit the following documents to them ;

Before u proceed further, kindly take note that only the owner of the vehicle eligible to
Claim. If you are a second driver or in other word, your are driving but the vehicle is not yours, the owner is the one to sign documents and receiving the compensation.

1) a copy of the car grant (issued by jpj) bearing the owner's name
2) a copy of the car's road tax make sure it's still valid
3) a copy of owners ic
4) a copy of owners driving license (make sure valid)
5) original copy of traffic police report of accident (go and make a traffic police report)
6) a letter describing the whole accident and you are demanding compensation of some sort and the letter signed by the owner
7) a photo of your car with the number plate clearly visible (front of your car)
8) a photo of the damage area clearly visible
9) a photo of the object that you hit
10) a sketch plan using google map showing the road that you are using and the accident area
11) original quotation from the workshop at least 2 workshops for comparison

Make a copy of the whole document (if possible scan and save it as draft).
Then, send it to 14th Floor, Jabatan Kewangan, Menara DBKL, Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur.
Make sure you have their acknowledgement (please prepare it), keep this acknowledgement for safekeeping.
After 2 weeks, you may follow up the status of your case by calling them.

The approval letter from DBKL (actually from insurance company on behalf of DBKL)

After the case had been settled, DBKL will email to you insurance claim acceptance form that you need to sign and return back to them - either by replying their email or by hand.
In that form, it will state the successful amount that they award to you.

My case took from May to September to come into conclusion (4 months) and the demanded compensation was approved. And another 2 weeks for the amount to be credited into your bank account. The estimated cost for repair is almost RM2k and I got a full reimbursement.

Hope my experience able to shed some light to city dwellers who happened to experience the similar situation.

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